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Alex Poythress stuffs Matz Stockman with emphatic block (VIDEO)

Poythress got the better of the 7-footer with this massive block.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Poythress is 6-6.

Matz Stockman is 7-0.

The Wildcat still managed to get the better of the Cardinal on this massive block as Poythress stuffed a dunk attempt by Stockman

Poythress has been a beat in this game so far, and this dunk earlier helped spark a late first-half run that put UK up 44-36 going into halftime.

When Alex brings his A game, he's simply one of the best players in the country because of the impact he makes on both sides of the court. He brought his best effort out for the first half vs the Cards, and that's why the Cats won the first half.