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Wildcat Quickies: Honoring The Ladies Edition

Let's Talk UK Hoops, We Are 3 days from UK-UL, and More Randoms For Your Christmas Eve Eve

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A few days ago, Matthew Mitchell's #8 Wildcats took down the #13 Duke Lady Devils, this will surely vault them into the top 5 next week.  The 10-0 'Cats are win win away from the best start in school history, and they are a fun team to watch.

They have also had to overcome A LOT of adversity, if you would have told me this team would be 10-0 after the rash of transfers they had, I would have bet A LOT of money against that.

Mitchell had 4 players leave the program in the span of three weeks.  Each one seemingly random and not tied to anything other than bad timing.  The thought by everyone outside the program was that they were imploding and questions needed to be answered by Mitchell.

"When you have four situations in a short period of time, it certainly looks like it's connected," Mitchell said. "And it's hard for people, if they're not in it and don't know each individual, they're four individual situations. So one's a dismissal. So a player chose not to live up to the standards of the program, so I had to make that decision. The other three are all separate individual decisions that you need to talk to those individuals."

So Mitchell took his remaining 10 players and he has done nothing but exceed expectations and start the season undefeated.  Kudos to Coach Mitchell and the ladies for the season they have had thus far and hopefully continue.



SLAM: The stats sort of tell the tale, but do you think you're the best big man in the League?

DMC: In my mind, it's not even close between me and the next person. I would say the next big is AD, but it's not close, in my mind. Not close.

SLAM: So how are you going to get the credit that you think you deserve?

DMC: At this point, it's about winning. I got the All-Star appearances. I got Team USA. My name is out there. It's just about winning, it's about carrying a team. I mean, from a talent perspective I know I'm way above any other big man—now it's just about winning.

SLAM: Everyone who knows you says that your persona doesn't vibe with how you're portrayed. How do you change that? Do your mom, friends or even Coach Cal have any good advice?

DMC: There's really no advice because they all know me. In their minds, what the f*** is there to change? I've sat here and thought about it, I've analyzed other players and, shit, win, and they'll accept you for whoever you are. You could be a f***ing crackhead and they'll love you. If you win, they sweep everything under the rug.

SLAM: What are we considering winning?

DMC: Where we are, Playoffs would be a perfect season. Sky is the limit, though I think anything is possible. You think it, talk it, and then you can put it into existence.

  • The Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy is one of the best in the business and one of the few national pundits who actually defend Cal and use rationality.  He took some fan heat form his preseason analysis on this team, but as Larry Vaught points out, he pretty much nailed it.
  • One of Kentucky's more important commits is Quarterback Mac Jones.  Jones was not happy about Shannon Dawson being let go, however, he is not jumping to conclusions and knee jerk decommitting.  Jones is waiting to see if the new Offensive Coordinator is going to fit his style.  I am guess Jones will be watching Cincinnati this week.
  • I chat with the guys at ESPN Radio Lexington's The Sports Huddle yesterday about the basketball team's woes.


  • Instagram user @sulphurwing6 is pretty talented, they are pretty good at making concept uniforms.  My favorite of their bowl games concepts has to be for the Florida/Michigan game.

Citrus Bowl concepts. Bowl game concepts up on the site #goblue #gatornation #citrusbowl #theswamp #michiganfootball

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