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John Calipari tweets about process of team growth and challenges ahead

John Calipari wouldn't feel any different right now had Kentucky beaten Ohio State after how poorly the Cats played for much of that game.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats have struggled in the early part of this college basketball season, more so than most expected John Calipari's latest freshman-heavy team to.

While the Cats already have an impressive win over Duke, they have several equally disappointing losses to UCLA and Ohio State teams that looked (and still may be) NIT bound before beating UK.

While the Bruins controlled the game during most of their win over Kentucky, the Cats actually appeared as though they would come back and beat the Buckeyes after cutting their lead to three in the closing minutes. While fans and even the players would have liked that, Calipari admits he wouldn't feel any different right now had they beaten Ohio State after how poorly the Cats played for much of that game.

"Getting away from my team the last two days gave me a chance to really think. I asked myself, 'if we would have closed out that game and won, would I have felt differently?' No, because our challenges haven’t changed," Calipari tweeted Wednesday.

"Now the question becomes, how do we start moving forward? This is a good basketball team that will have a chance in every game we play. We’ve got to teach them winning time, situational basketball and the role that grit plays in this."

Up next for Kentucky will be the Louisville Cardinals, who will arguably be the best team the Cats have played to date. Needless to say, seeing how well his Cats rise up to the challenge is something Calipari is excited to see.

"It’s a process, and you can’t skip steps. Time to get back to basics, and all that in the face of playing a really good Louisville team. These are challenges that excite me."

As bad as UK has looked at times recently, a win over a top-16 Louisville team would certainly soothe that pain and get the Cats back on track for what they still hope is a special season.