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Kentucky Wildcats react to Shannon Dawson departure; Patrick Towles hints at sacrificial lamb

Jason Marcum

The Kentucky Wildcats will have a new offensive coordinator next season with the departure of Shannon Dawson after just one season in Lexington.

When news came out of Dawson leaving Thursday morning, the Internet was abuzz with reactions from both former and current Wildcats, the most notable of which being Patrick Towles. Now pursuing on a graduate transfer to another school, Towles endured an and-and-down junior campaign with the Cats in 2015, but he made it clear on Twitter he isn't blaming Dawson for his struggles.

Towles took it a step further with a tweet that suggested Dawson is being used as a scapegoat and/or sacrificial lamb for the Cats' 2015 struggles.

Some current and future Cats seemed to be disappointed with the move as well,

And then there's current UK receiver Blake Bone...

Fellow UK receiver Alexander Montgomery also tweeted out "Yahtzee," but has since deleted the tweet. Former UK quarterback Jale Whitlow voiced his thoughts:

Whitlow went on to clarify that, while he doesn't actually know what it was like with Dawson, UK needs to find some consistency and continuity with its staff:

Hard to argue.