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ASOB Football IQ: How'd we do?

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Prior to the season, I posted a number of polls to get a sense of how ASOB readers felt about which players would step up through the season.

We queried some of the most closely watched stats – receiving, tackles, rushing, etc. to see how the pre-season hype and expectations shaped how we felt the team would perform by season's end.

Below are a number of tables showing each of the poll questions along with the final stats for that question along with how folks felt before the season. Who were going to be the play makers? On some questions we did pretty well and on others, well, we totally whiffed.

In fact, I had some polls where the players that rose on the stat sheet weren't even one of the choices I offered. When the "ASOB Vote" column is blank next to a player, they were not one of the choices.

First off we had the go-to receiver with the guess for which receiver would have the most yardage by the end of the year.

Then we followed up with taking a stab at which receiver would have the most number of receptions.

The last poll was pretty much a no-brainer. Who would be the #2 running back behind Boom?

Moving over to the defensive side of the ball we tried our hand at predicting the player with the most number of tackles. Things certainly varied from preseason scuttlebutt with several players rising well above preseason hype.

When it came to sacks UK certainly didn't set the world on fire. Who is expected to get the most number of sacks?

And finally, interceptions; another area where number weren't particularly impressive.

And so you have it. The collective wisdom of ASOB trying to figure out playmakers in the preseason. It's tough.