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Wildcat Quickies: The Winds of Change Edition

Football Change is a coming, Mr. Cobb gets and E:60 story, Bo Ryan is retiring immediately, and more randoms for your hump day.

John Sommers II/Getty Images

For the Football portion of Big Blue Nation, today is likely to be a day of change.  The recruiting dead period is over and if there are going to be changes made on the staff, they will likely be happening today or very soon after.

Coach Stoops will be going on KSR tomorrow to give what is assumed to be a quasi-state of the union address for UK Football.  He laid the foundation in article by the Lexington Herald Leader's Jen Smith that you can read here.

"I absolutely, firmly know that we can build a winner here and that we will and that our time will come," Stoops said in a sit-down interview with the Herald-Leader and the Courier-Journal of Louisville on Tuesday.


"Nobody is more pissed off when you see bad football on the field than me. I know very clearly what good football looks like. I've seen it up close and personal for a long time. We're going to get that done here."


"What, we're going to stop now? That's my plea: Let's continue to push forward. I understand our frustration. I accept the responsibility that I have to do things better. We will."

On his show Matt has also alluded to the fact that it has been a tumultuous time at Nutter Field House since Sunday (regarding staff issues) and he expects some shakeup so I think today will be an interesting day for BBN.  I imagine we will have a good idea of things after Stoops' interview as well.



  • Randall Cobb got a spot on the season finale of ESPN's E:60.  They discussed his growing up in small town Alcoa, TN and beating the odds to become a $10 Million/year man in the NFL.  I highly recommend you check it out below, it's worth every second of the 19 minutes.  If your eyes do not at least well up a little I will have to question your heart.

"No. We didn't know anything. And what we did was everything ahead of schedule and we were on top of everything we did and again, they said we didn't know nor should have known," Cal said. "Here's what I'll say to you. That kid, you know what he ends up doing in the end? He ends up paying the money back the school lost. It was about $150,000 and he paid the money back. It's never been done before.

We were the ones who got Marcus Camby to talk-he was in the NBA, he doesn't need to talk to the NCAA. There were other players at other schools involved, they wouldn't talk to the NCAA. We got our guy to talk to the NCAA. And he paid the money back. I'm not embarrassed by anything we've done. I'm proud of what we've done."


  • If you are on Twitter, there is some absolute golden comedy on there.  You do not have to look far to see some pretty funny grammatical miscues.  Just do a search for 'quarter roy pants' and thank me later.
  • The University of Kentucky will be receiving a gift of $8 Million from the Papa himself. Papa Johns founder John Schnatter will be donating the money to the school in order to go toward the Study of Free Enterprise at the Gatton College of Business.
  • The Republican candidate debate was tonight, and the Jeb Bush watch party in Miami... well, it did not turn out so well.
  • This CNN Columnist went off the rails on his comparison of Donald Trump to a 'Hot Girl that puts out.' It is the first 30 seconds of the video, just watch and laugh, or feel awkward... or both.
  • Speaking of awkward, this poor dude got put on kiss cam at the Spurs game and they stayed on them for a full minute.  The whole time she is terribly embarrassed and even rejects his kiss at the :30 second mark.  I have to say that if you look up "Friend Zone" in the dictionary, that is it.
  • Harlan's own Jordan Smith won The Voice last night. He has an amazing voice and is a member of Big Blue Nation to boot.
  • Here is a fun hypothetical, you are walking to Rupp and your ticket slips out of your hand into a sewer... what do you do?  This Packers fan did not hesitate to jump down in the sewer and get down and dirty to get his ticket back.
  • If you like Tosh.0, you should check out Ridiculousness on MTV.  It is everything that Tosh should be, more videos, more funny videos, and less Daniel Tosh trying to be the center of the stage
  • Another show that I am hooked on right now is 'Adam Ruins Everything.'  It is a very informative show and really breaks down real life myths and puts it into layman's terms.  For instance, the voting process is basically a sham, Vitamin supplements are worthless, Halitosis is a money making myth, and you probably shower way too much.
  • A lot of bourbon guys are adamant that you should drink it neat, and ice is sacrilegious.  However, using ice is actually essential to a great experience, it cuts the burn, but it also opens up the flavor.  Here are my guys at Knob Creek (My Favorite Bourbon) discussing it.