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Wildcat Quickies: Three Game Season Edition

Mark Stoops heads into the three most important games of his career, UK Hoops kicks off their season victoriously, The Basketball 'Cats kickoff the regular season this week, 'Cats in the NFL perform, and more quickies for your Monday.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Stoops and the Wildcats head to Nashville this weekend to take on a Vanderbilt team that is getting better every week and they are actually 2.5 point favorites this weekend.  Stoops has backed himself into a corner and if Kentucky does not come away victorious this weekend he is in danger of losing the fan base.

More importantly he is in danger of losing his players if the ship is not righted.  Winning cures all, and going to Nashville and taking care of business will go a long way toward healing the wounds of the last four weeks.

We are going to learn a lot about where Stoops' mind is going to be this week by noon today.  Stoops will be on a radio show between 10-12 and will likely be asked some poignant questions leading up to his weekly press conference where he will likely face more of the same.



  • Matthew Mitchell's UK Hoops team kicked of their season with an exhibition with over Union 95-63.  Senior Point Guard Janee Thompson returned from her highly unfortunate season ending injury from last season to a  rousing 17 point, 7 assist performance.
  • Kentucky still has some folks predicting them to bowl games despite the last month of mediocrity.  The Independence Bowl vs. Virginia Tech, The Birmingham Bowl vs. Temple, and The Texas Bowl vs. West Virginiaare the options being thrown out there now.  Maybe we can play West Virginia and return Shannon Dawson, do we still have the receipt?  I kid... sort of.
  • The #21 Lady Volleyball 'Cats took down the Tennessee Vols over the weekend 3-0 to earn their second sweep of the weekend.
  • The #12 Men's Soccer team locked up its first Conference USA conference title with an 80th minute goal by Ryan Creel.  The last conference title for the soccer team was in 2004 as they won the Mid-American Conference title.
  • Mark Stoops has acknowledged that this week the QB position will be evaluated and a change may have to be made.  I think that is coach speak for the following translation: "Unless Drew Barker completely craps the bed this week, he is going to be our guy at Vanderbilt."  My personal opinion is that Patrick Towles may have taken his last significant snap at UK, barring injury.
  • The pass from Derek Willis to Jamal Murray for a fast court dunk was one of the better plays you will see.  Perfect pass in stride and Murray lifting for the forceful dunk was a thing of beauty.

  • The battle for the last 1-2 rotation positions is going to be a fierce fight among some talented players.  I think it is pretty safe to assume that the top 6 at this point will likely be Tyler Ulis, Skal Labisierre, Marcus Lee, Alex Poythress, Isaiah Briscoe, and Jamal Murray.  Derek Willis is making a case for that number 7 spot, Charles Matthews is likely to play his way into that spot at times as well.  I think Mulder and Humphries end up on the outside looking in for significant minutes.
  • Has UK ever fielded a more international flavored Basketball team?  You have Canadians Jamal Murray, and Mychal Mulder.  The Big Haitian Skal Labissierre.  Australian Isaac Humphries along with the big woodchuck from New Zealand Tai Wynyard.

  • Some students at the University of Alabama had the cops called on them for a noise complaint.  Somehow that turned into the Cops beating and tazing the students, unreal.
  • Randall Cobb had 4 catches for 99 yards and one amazing TD.  The throw from Rodgers was perfect and Cobb did not break stride on his way to pay dirt

  • Jacob Tamme had 6 catches for 61 yards at San Franscisco
  • Danny Trevathan had 6 tackles at Indianapolis
  • Avery Williamson had 4 tackles at New Orleans
  • Wesley Woodyard had 6 tackles and 1 sack at New Orleans as well
  • The Indianapolis Colts ended Peyton Manning and Denver's undefeated dreams with a 27-24 win yesterday.
  • Could this be Kobe Bryant's final season?  He has said it could be to Byron Scott.
  • In a losing effort, Julius Randle scored 6 points while gathering 11 rebounds and also dishing three assists.
  • the Phoenix Wildcats saw all four 'Cats getting clock in their loss to the Thunder but it was Eric Bledsoe who stole the show with 28 points, 11 rebounds, and shot 10-15 from the field.  His teammate Brandon Knight added 14 points as well.
  • Does the NFL have a gambling problem, the promotion of DraftKings, FanDuel and other sites suggests it does. Peter King thinks the NFL needs to change their stance.
  • Oklahoma State is quickly inserting themselves into the discussion for the final four of the college football playoff. Mike Gundy did his signature dance after their monstrous win over TCU.

  • CHINA has withdrawn its long standing policy of only having one child per family, but they are now going to try and make it so expensive to have a child it will regulate itself economically.
  • People are absolutely pissed off at Starbucks for adjusting their Holiday Cups, one lady said it "denies the hope of jesus."
  • the iPhone 7 is rumored to have a panic mode feature that would allow the user to not just lock up the phone, but be able to actually cut off all sensitive information to any hacker or thief.
  • The show Homeland is starting to get into some interesting story line, Saul back helping Carrie, Quinn back to being healthy, and Saul is about to bring down the corruption inside the CIA.
  • the Walking Dead is another of my favorites and I am a little bit pissed at them.  SPOILER ALERT, they may or may not have killed Glenn three weeks ago and we still have no resolution on that.  Only three episodes left till mid season finale