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Can Kentucky beat Georgia in Athens?

I’ve been giving you cumulative season stats every week to show how the Cats compare with our future opponents. This week that doesn’t make much sense because both Kentucky’s and Georgia’s last four games have been disasters. It seems right, then, to compare the last four for both in order to provide a more accurate picture.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

While Georgia has faced a tougher schedule over the last four games, the wheels have come off the Bulldog offense since Nick Chubb's season-ending injury. Kentucky, on the other hand, has seen the wheels come off for no apparent reason.

Georgia has lost to Alabama 38-10, Tennessee 38-31, and Florida 27-3. Sandwiched between Tennessee and Florida was a victory over a bad Missouri 9-6. The result: 1-3 over the last four games and an overall record of 5-3.

Kentucky hasn't won since beating Div. IA Eastern Kentucky 34-27 in overtime.  Words to remember: Div. 1A (or FCS), and overtime. That game held a much deeper meaning than originally thought. Frankly, Kentucky has pretty much sucked since then, losing to Auburn 37-27, Mississippi State 42-16 and Tennessee 52-21. The result: 1-3 over the last four and an overall record of 4-4.

The honeymoon for Mark Stoops is officially over after the last two thrashings. Both fan bases have reason to be disappointed based on the results. Georgia was expected to be the SEC-E champ and Kentucky's days of blowout losses were supposed to be over.

Even after the last four game debacles for each team, both can still make it to a bowl game. Georgia needs one more win while Kentucky needs two. One, for Kentucky, is against Charlotte and is expected to be a win.

So, Kentucky travels to Athens to play between the hedges. Four games ago, most reasonable people would say the Wildcats wouldn't stand a chance. Now, you have to wonder even though Kentucky should have no reason for confidence after the last four games. This game could very well be determined on which is worse, Kentucky or Georgia. Here's how the two teams compare after the last four games:



While Kentucky has stuck with Patrick Towles, Georgia has played Greyson Lambert, Faton Bauta and Brice Ramsey at quarterback.  As of Wednesday night, Georgia had not named a starting QB.  There's frustration in the air in Athens as Dawgsports points out. While many are not happy with Shannon Dawson's offense, the same can be said down in Athens regarding Brian Schottenheimer.  Dawgsports Macondawg points out why Georgia misses Mike Bobo. If you read his article, you can see the same problems that Kentucky is having with Towles.

This game is winnable even though Georgia is favored. Will Kentucky's private players only meeting provide some clarity that will show improvement or will it make any difference?