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Wildcats Quickies: Players Only Meeting Edition

Josh Forrest and Patrick Towles called a players only meeting, I chat with the Sports Huddle, The College Football Playoff rankings are out, and more quickies for your hump day

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Around The World in Eighty Waves

According to everyone covering the team, the players held a players only meeting that was arranged by Josh Forrest and Patrick Towles.

Player only meetings seem to yield little result on the field, but the goal of this meeting was to get everyone on the same page.  According to Towles some people just were not on the same page as others.

Purely my opinion, and it is worth what you paid to get it, but my guess is that some players were perpetuating the negativity of the "here we go again" mentality.  There were probably players being openly critical of coaches and playing time while pointing fingers at players not performing.

All of this will likely mean nothing on the field, do not expect us to come out and all of a sudden become a juggernaut.  What it will likely mean is we avoid a death spiral.  Negativity is a cancerous wildfire and must be stomped out immediately in any organization or team.  Kudos to the offensive and defensive leaders stepping up and being proactive with it.


  • My chat with the guys at ESPN Radio Lexington last night, we discussed my 'Bent, but Not Broken' article, how your mouth tastes after vomiting, UK Basketball and more, fun time.
  • Landon Foster has been named a Wuerffel trophy semi-finalist.  Foster is one of eight semi-finalists, the Wuerffel trophy is given to the nation's top community servant.  He may be struggling on the field, but off the field Foster is amazing in this regard and well deserving.
  • The UK Women's basketball team is ranked in the top 20 in both major polls.  On a frustrating note, another player is leaving the program.  Freshman Morgan Rich has asked for her release from the University to transfer.  This is the third in as many weeks for Matthew Mitchell's program.
  • The #12 Men's Soccer team beat Detroit 4-0 last night to improve to 11-3-2 with one game remaining.
  • staffers got together to rank the top 100 players in all of College Basketball this season.  Our Wildcats had six of those 100 spots occupied.
  • The UK-New Jersey Institute of Technology basketball game next Saturday has been moved to 8:00 to accommodate the UK-Vandy Football game at 4:00.
  • Kentucky Sports TV absolutely blows it away every time they put together a production.  They put together a slo-mo video of the win over Ottawa that is just simply put, Cool.

  • How fun is this team going to be to watch? It is hard to believe we are coming off a season where we were two wins from 40-0 but it is a stone cold lock we are going to have more fun watching this team that will likely lose 3-5 games.  I plan to write a longer take on this sometime this week, but I am honestly looking forward to this season more than last.
  • The College Football Playoff committee has released their first top 10 rankings of teams in the playoff hunt.  The debate is already hot and heavy on the hits and misses, it seems like just yesterday we only had two teams eligible decided largely by computer, ha.  Clemson is your #1 team and would be facing #4 Alabama, while #2 LSU would play #3 Ohio State.  Somewhere Danny Kanell is in the fetal position crying.
  • Kudos to the Kansas City Royals for their World Series championship.  I love they way they built their team around youth and not trying to buy a title.  Love it even more for the Royals fans, clearly a fan base in dire need of it after last year's oh so close loss.

  • Not sure how much credibility I put in Master P, but he claims that his son, Lil Romeo, was attending a Michael Jordan Camp and Jordan called him out of not wearing Jordan Shoes.  Supposedly Lil Romeo called pops and he flew in the next day, challenged MJ to a pick up game, and then Master P with Gilbert Arenas and Ron Artest took down Jordan and his group of NBA'ers.
  • Dusty Baker has been hired by the Washington Nationals, the former Reds manager is back in the game and as a Reds fan, I hate that he is not with us anymore.  The Reds should not have ever let him go, in my opinion.