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Wildcat Quickies: The Strive For 9 Begins Edition

UK Basketball tips Off against Ottawa, where does the football team go from here, Brian Kelly is still a turd, Georgia opens as a 17 point favorite, Frank Beamer is retiring, and more quickies for your Monday morning.

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Tonight begins the annual mission of the Wildcats mission to hang another banner in Rupp Arena, preferably the championship variety.  Our 'Cats have their first exhibition game against the Ottawa Braves.

If you are wondering, this university is not located in Canada, it is actually located in Kansas.  The Braves are an NAIA school picked to finish middle of the pack in their conference.

The 'Cats open the season as the odds-on favorite to win the national title at 7 to 1, just ahead of Duke.  We will get our first look at the guard heavy 'Cats and after Saturday night's debacle, the Big Blue Nation needs a pick me up.


  • I think it is time that DJ Eliot started getting some heat under his seat. There has been minimal improvement in the defense and way too many total system failures.  In the final six losses last season we gave up 41, 45, 20, 63, 50, and 44 points.  Eliot got far too little criticism for last season's breakdown.

The basketball team was actually close to giving up less points per game during that span. Now we have given up 42 and 52 points in the last two games. Not just the points given up, but the seemingly continuous struggle to get lined up correctly and inability to adjust as well.

The TV broadcast likened Dak Prescott to 'Playing against Air', and at one point last night, Jesse Palmer described the defense as embarrassing, while using the word 'gashed' constantly. At one point Saturday night, the Vols touched the ball on six occasions and scored a TD on every one of them. This included punts and kickoffs... THAT is embarrassing

  • This brings me to my next point, we DO NOT HAVE a Special Teams coach. This is something that clearly is not working for us
  • There has not been an update on Boom Williams' elbow but we should know more at Stoops' presser at noon today.
  • Georgia has opened as a 17-point favorite this weekend.  I know you do not mess with Vegas and the last two weeks have proven that, but I have a feeling that might be high.  Georgia is not a good team right now.
  • While the last two weeks have been unacceptable on their own merit, we are still in a position we were expected to be.  Just win two of the next 4 winnable games, go to a bowl and progress is made.
  • The Women's Soccer team opens conference tournament play today at 4:30 vs. LSU.
  • The 20th ranked Volleyball 'Cats won a match against LSU yesterday 3-1.  Kaz Brown led the game with 16 kills.
  • The Men's Soccer team beat Charlotte this weekend on a fantastic shot by Noah Hutchins in double overtime.
    • Frank Beamer once led Virginia Tech to 22 straight winning seasons and 22 straight bowl appearances.  After this 2015 season, the man will be stepping away from Football and retiring. 'Beamer, 69, retires as the winningest active coach in FBS, with a 234-120-2 record in 29 seasons as coach of his alma mater. He guided the Hokies to four ACC titles, three Big East championships and six appearances in BCS bowl games.'

    • If you were under a rock this weekend and did not see the Miami-Duke finish, check it out here. The ACC has suspended the officials involved in the play for making at least four mistakes leading to a loss for Duke that should not have been.


    • A 7-year old in California fell and scraped his knee, after it swelled up to the size of an orange they took him to the doctor.  They said it may be MRSA and to not pop the swelling.  After it turned black she felt she had to do something so she popped it.  They found a sea snail living inside his knee.
    • The Walking Dead was a very strong episode last night, unfortunately we did not learn the fate of Rick, nor did we get closure on Glenn but it was a great episode.  Knowing Morgan's backstory was essential and they did it very well.
    • Pretty cool article about five things you do now know about 'The Breaking Bad', amazing how you cannot see the show any way other than it was.
    1) The characters that played Walt Jr. and Jesse were initially considered too attractive for the roles
    2) AMC recommended Matthew Broderick or John Cusack to play Walter White
    3) The Breaking Bad casting crew actively tried to put comedic personalities into the show
    4) The Cartel Twins were not brothers at all, but were cousins
    5) The actor that played Mike Ehrmantrout absolutely nailed the audition

    • Leah Remini recently came out against Scientology and has opened up even more about it with her new book titled 'Troublemaker' as well as a few interviews.  After watching her interview I decided to watch the HBO documentary 'Going Clear' and I am astounded at this "religion."
    Essentially you hand over either all or a lot of your money and they move you up the bridge.  There really is no direct end result to the religion, other than helping man kind.  The founder of the religion, L. Ron Hubbard, was a science fiction writer and when his girlfriend was interviewed about him she made it clear that he was looking to make more money and said creating a religion was the way to do it.
    • I watched two great movies over the weekend, 'Steve Jobs' and 'The Gift'.  I highly recommend both, Jobs was an awesome movie and I plan to read the books about him now.  The Gift was entertaining and the twist was messed up.