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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Salty Arkansas Razorback Fans Edition

Arkansas fans lose their minds, Makayla Epps goes off, Coach Cal rules recruiting, latest Star Wars spot, and more!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a huge day for Kentucky Wildcats basketball. Coming off the heels of an eleven point win against the Duke Blue Devils at the Champions Classic, John Calipari secured a commitment from the top ranked shooting guard in the 2016 class, Malik Monk.

Monk is a native of Arkansas and it was thought that his home school Razorbacks had the lead for the five-star guard, but on the last day of the early signing period, Monk pulled the trigger and became a Wildcat.

Why did he choose Kentucky? Well, maybe it had to do with Mike Anderson facing a crossroads at Arkansas, or maybe it's because Monk is friends with fellow 2016 commit De'Aaron Fox, or maybe because he understands John Calipari's track record with getting players to the NBA, or maybe he watched the Champions Classic and wants to be a part of a winning basketball program. It all makes sense, right?

Arkansas fans and media didn't see it that way. In fact, they all had a gigantic meltdown yesterday and it was truly a site to behold.

And then there was this gem from longtime Arkansas sports media personality Mike Irwin. He went on his show and absolutely crushed Monk, a 17-year-old kid, for not picking the Razorbacks. Listen Mike, Monk doesn't owe your sorry butt or Arkansas a damn thing. Get off your high horse, jackass.

I understand that fans are going to react like idiots, it's what fans do, but to see the media react in such a manner is despicable. I hope we beat Arkansas by 1,000 this season.

Oh yeah, and Arkansas lost at home to Akron last night. Whoops.

Tweet of the Day:

Hey Arkansas, Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox send their regards.

Kentucky Football:

Larry Vaught realizes that Kentucky football fans have a lot of questions, but the answers don't seem to be there. We will find out what this team is about in the next two weeks.

It was a wet and crappy day yesterday, but the Wildcats still had a good, physical practice. It helps when you have a great indoor facility.

The Charlotte 49ers view Saturday's game at Commonwealth Stadium as a "big challenge". It most certainly is, especially since the Niners are 2-8 and this is their first game against a Power 5 opponent.

Kentucky Basketball:

De'Aaron Fox signed his letter of intent to play basketball for John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats yesterday:

Same for Malik Monk.

The Courier-Journal thinks that with the signing of Malik Monk, the Wildcats will over-take what was once viewed as a lock at the top spot of the recruiting ranks for Duke. Nice try, Mike.

De'Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, and Edrice "Bam" Adebayo were all named to the 2015-2016 High School All American team by USA Today. Why am I giggling?

Fox Sports says Kentucky is ready to once again "Rock and Rule" college basketball. I'm still giggling.

Other Kentucky Sports:

The UK Hoops team had quite the night in a game against Morehead State in a 112-57 smashing. It was highlighted by Makayla Epps' triple double. She had 21 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. Two other players, Alexis Jennings and Evelyn Akhator had double-double. After some early transfer turmoil, it looks like coach Mitchell has a squad.

The #18 women's volleyball team suffered a heartbreaking road loss at #25 Texas A&M last night. That was their second loss in a row and dropped them behind the Aggies for the top spot in the SEC.

Sports Around the Country:

Karl-Anthony Towns' 21 points, 12 rebounds, six blocks, and game saving block to send the game into overtime wasn't enough to propel the Timberwolves over the Magic.Damn, this kid is going to be special.

Rajon Rondo had ANOTHER triple-doubel as the Kings lost to the Hawks. DeMarcus Cousins had 24 points and pulled down 12 boards.

Why isn't Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wearing camo along with the rest of the NFL coaches? He gives a pretty compelling case not to.

Two 7'6 players whiff on the opening tip.


Random Quickies:

Get ready for something truly awful: a Baywatch movie.


Just like humans at a bar sharing drinks with friends, vampire bats shre blood with each other to make friends. We aren't so different after all!

16 conspiracy theories that ended up being true.

I'll just leave this here: