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Wildcat Quickies: The Demise of Duke Edition

The Demise of UK and Cal to the hated Blue Devils is greatly exaggerated, Bam Adebayo is a Cat, I get to interview Clark Kellogg, and more quickies for your hump day

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky may lead the overall series (Now 12-9) but they had only beaten Duke one time since the 1978 National Title game coming into last night.  Kentucky and Duke are easily the top two programs in college basketball right now, with both teams recruiting the same talent, the arms race has turned into College Basketball's version of the US vs. Russia.

The two goliath's squared off against each other, but it would be the little guy who took down the bad Goliath.  Tyler Ulis played a near perfect game, actually, I do not care to say it, he played a perfect game.  He had 18 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, and and 2 steals to lead the 'Cats to the 11 point win.

The timing could not be better for the Big Blue Nation as the growing sentiment among those knee-jerk analysts out there was that Coach K and Duke were starting to beat Cal at his own game.  Not so fast my friend... Kentucky was just as green and young as Duke but the better coached team won the game.  Cal pressured the Duke players into turnovers, and he ran an attacking offense that allowed our leader Tyler Ulis to thrive.

Kentucky also played the more aggressive and athletic game led by a  double-double for Marcus Lee and a lot of timely plays by Jamal Murray.  It was a great team effort led by Ulis but certainly supplemented by a total team effort:

  • Marcus Lee: Double-Double hustle machine
  • Alex Poythress: Great Defense, excellent hustle, and timely baskets
  • Jamal Murray: Struggled at times, but contributed more good than bad and had several highlight reel plays
  • Isaiah Briscoe: Great energy and defense, great motor that was contagious
  • Isaac Humphries: key blocks to set the tone and filled in very nice for a foul riddled Skal



  • BAM BAM!  Bam Adebayo is a wildcat, he had been considered a near lock for N.C. State for two years now.  The word is that Adebayo was being heavily pressured and steered to N.C. State by his AAU Coach and others.  Once Cal got Adebayo to think on his own, game over, no brainer to come to Lexington.  HUGE coup for Coach Cal and puts the UK class in prime position to be #1 with another addition.  Adebayo is in the mold of an Amare Stoudamire that likes to destroy the rim like Shawn Kemp.

  • I had the pleasure of being able to spend some time with Clark Kellogg. I did some research on as a player, I knew he was good, but he was more than good.  He was all-Big Ten, a Big Ten MVP, 1st round NBA pick and averaged 20 and 10 as a rookie in the league.  Kellogg is a very genuine and pleasant dude to talk hoops with, I feel like I could have talked with him for hours about the game.  Check out the interview below, it is 15 minutes of good stuff in my opinion.

  • How about the integrity of Patrick Towles, the guy loses his starting job and within hours of the announcement he goes to Twitter to publicly support Drew Barker.  I am one of those that has been pining for Barker to be our QB, but I can tell you that Patrick Towles is a grade A professional with more integrity than ANYONE criticizing him, including me.  I hope my son grows up to be like Patrick Towles, true story.

  • The Women's Volleyball team plays #25 Texas A&M today for the top spot in the SEC.  The battle in College Station will take place on the SEC network starting at 10:00 PM (not a typo)
  • John Wall led the Wizards to a big win with 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 9 assists and a whopping +30 contribution.
  • Karl Anthony-Towns continued his double-double train with another 14 points and 14 rebounds in a win vs. Miami.
  • Anthony Davis left the game early with a left shoulder injury and did not return, hopefully the injury is minor.
  • The Updated College Football Playoff rankings are out and if it ended today the match-ups would be #1Clemson vs. #4Notre Dame and #2Alabama vs. #3Ohio State


  • I really do not have a reason to laugh so much at this video but it cracked me up.  Some dude breaking a Guinness World Record using a 22 foot golf club.  I think the 'God Bless The USA' is what put me over the top.

  • Brandon Knight did something no other 23 year old in 30 years has done the other night.  He dropped 30 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds for a dominant triple double.  In fact, only 5 total players have done that in the past 20 seasons.  He also embarrassed that dude for the Lakers that inexplicably keeps getting clock, it is good to see Brandon on the right side of a highlight reel.

  • Vladimir Putin said something that made me chuckle and I actually agree with. I swear Putin thinks life is a movie and he is starring in it as the lead.