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Kentucky Football: Nine Down, Three to Go

After nine games, four of which were pitiful performances, many in the BBN are shifting their attention to basketball. However, it is still too early to give up on Kentucky football. Win two and there is a bowl game. Win all three and Mark Stoops will join an elite group of Kentucky coaches who have won seven games in the regular season.

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This week has been one of disgust with how Kentucky has played of late, beginning with the EKU game.

Yeah, I know, a win is a win. I maintain that only applies to teams with winning records. Otherwise, it is an excuse for bad play. Kentucky followed up that masterful victory with losses to a bad, at the time, Auburn team and blowout losses to Mississippi State, Tennessee and Georgia.

If you are a long-term Kentucky fan, you've seen this play out before. More often than not, the wheels fall off this time of year. Those of us who have experienced this for thirty or more years have stuck with the 'Cats through thick and thin, but we've learned not to be surprised by the futility of Kentucky football. There is always hope....always.

So, we have Vanderbilt, Charlotte and Louisville left. Vanderbilt is on the road and the last time I looked, we were a four point underdog. The problem is, though, the Commies have trouble scoring. So, there is that hope that we can do what everyone else has done, keep them out of the end zone. With a win this weekend, Kentucky will be assured of a bowl game if we follow it up with win over Charlotte.

Here's how the 'Cats stack up with Vandy, Charlotte and Louisville:

Vandy 1

Vandy 2

Vandy 3
Vandy 4

Vandy 5

As you can see, Louisville will be our toughest game on paper, but isn't that big of a difference from the others, at least statistically. Vanderbilt presents the best defense of the three. Kentucky is going to have to find a way to get our offensive line to hold off the Anchor Down defense. Based on the last four games, it is hard to believe they will be able to give our QB the protection needed. Also, the receivers are going to have to catch the ball. With Boom back, we can have hope. Between Williams, Horton and Kemp and some open holes, Kentucky can do enough damage to open up the passing game. That is a must for Towles and/or Barker.

Win or lose, I hope the BBN will continue having patience, although I can understand why it might begin to wear thin.