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John Calipari tells ref "if you are lying, you're done" after technical foul on Jamal Murray

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It took just one game this season for John Calipari to nearly lose his mind on a referee.

During the Kentucky Wildcats' 78-65 win over Albany, freshman guard Jamal Murray was called for a controversial technical foul towards the end of the game after forcing a jump ball. Calipari was not pleased with the call, and after arguing with the referees, told the ref who called the technical "you are  done" if he was lying about why he called the tech on Murray.

Cal apparently also asked for a technical himself

It looks like Cal is already in midseason form. He said after the game that the ref said he called a tech on Murray for cussing, which Murray and his teammates dispute. Cal also doesn't believe it, and if the tape doesn't show Murray cussing, watch out ref.