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Guess the Outcome Game 2015-16: Preseason Picks [Scored]

Basketball season starts again this week! The new-look Cats kick off another campaign of conference and national domination. Play along this season with the GOG!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

A Quick Note on Where the GOG Will Appear Each Week

As is the case for the Football GOG, each Basketball GOG will appear in the fanpost section.  I think that's worked out well for football since it does make it easier to find and also makes it easier to see when each GOG has been scored.  So while the Preseason GOG will be on the front page, the individual game GOGs will be located in the Fanpost section.

So How Do You Play?

This part is very simple.  Each week I will post a list of questions and  you will predict the answers.  To keep the amount of work down and prevent over-saturation, I will typically combine multiple games into a single GOG.  Each GOG will usually be posted before the first game of the week.  Just come up with your answers and leave them as a comment. There is a deadline for the answers, tip-off of the first game covered. Examples of some of previous GOG's are here and here.

Questions will fall under 6 general categories and are scored as follows:

  • Questions with 2 choices: These are worth +1 point for a correct answer or -1 point for an incorrect answer.
  • Stat Line Questions: These will ask you to predict a stat line in three categories e.g. predict Points / Rebounds / Assists.  Each correct answer is worth 3 points, or 1 point if you are within two of the answer.
  • Open ended questions: These have a variety of possible answers and are worth between 3 and 5 points for a correct answer, with no penalty for a wrong answer. The point value varies depending on the difficulty of the question.
  • Guess a point total question: This question is typically about guessing both UK's and the opponents respective points scored for the game. Because there is such a wide range of possibilities, answers are graded on a sliding scale. The scale is

    Within 0 or 1: 4 points
    Within 2 or 3: 3 points
    Within 4 or 5: 2 points
    Within 6 or 7: 1 point
  • Put a list in order: This will be a question where your answer is an ordered list of some kind. Correctly picking an element of the list is worth 1 point while correctly picking the spot on the list is worth an additional point. For example, say the question is "List the top 3 scorers from highest to lowest" and the answer is Murray/Skal/Poythress. If your answer was Murray/Briscoe/Skal you would score 2 points for correctly choosing Murray and Skal and 1 point for correctly placing Murray first for 3 points total.
  • Choose an option from a list: I will give you a list of options to choose an answer from. Often different options will have different point values depending on how likely they are to happen. Outcomes which are possible but less likely are worth more points.

After each game, I will tally up and post the scores and keep track of both total points and average points for the entire season (40% GOGs played are needed to qualify for Scoring Average Title at the end of the season). I encourage everyone to play the entire season, but don't fret if you miss a GOG, just play the next time!

A word about clarity: I try as much as possible to write the questions in such a way so that it is clear what I am asking for. If you need a clarification though, just mention it in your entry and I'll respond as soon as I see it.

Also, you may change any of your answers up until the deadline.  Just respond to your original entry with your changes.

Useful Resources:

Basketball GOG 2015-16 #00: Preseason Predictions

Deadline for answers is Tip-off against Albany on Friday, November 13.

  1. How many regular season games does UK win (31 games)? [5 points; 3 points if within three; 1 point if within six] 23
  2. How many Postseason games does UK win (SECT + NCAAT)? [4 points; 2 points if within one] 4
  3. How many times does UK deal an opponent their first loss of the season? [3 points; 1 point if within one] 3 times
  4. What seed does UK receive in the NCAA Tournament (will be 0 if they don't make it) [3 points] 4 seed
  5. Does Kentucky lose back-to-back games at any point in the season? [+/- 1 point] Yes
  6. Does a UK player record a triple-double this season? [+/- 1 point] No
  7. Does Tai Winyard appear in any games for the Cats this season? [+/- 1 point] No
  8. How many different starting lineups do the Cats use this year? [4 points; 2 points if within two] 10
  9. Who are UK's top 3 leading scorers this year, in order from first to third total points scored. [1 point each correct player, 1 point each correct place in the order] Murray, Ulis, Briscoe
  10. Predict Tyler Ulis' season highs in Assists / Steals / Made 3's [3 points each; 1 point if within two] 14 / 6 / 4
  11. How many times does Jamal Murray score 20+ points in a game? [3 points; 2 points if within two] 18
  12. How many times does Skal Labissiere grab 13+ rebounds in a game? [3 points; 2 points if within two] 0 times
  13. Who makes the most 3's in a single game this year? [3 points] Murray
  14. What is the combined 3pt% for Alex Poythress, Mychal Mulder, and Derek Willis? Choose One:
    • 0 - 35.0% [4 points]
    • 35.1% - 40% [3 points] 40.0%
    • 40.1% or better [5 points]
  15. What are the fewest points scored by UK in a win? [4/3/2/1 points] 72
  16. What are the most points scored by UK in a win? [4/3/2/1 points] 94
  17. What are the fewest points allowed in a game by UK? [4/3/2/1 points] 48

RK UserName PTS
1 Wild Weasel 30
3 KC Gardner 23
4 jdsdrummer 16
5 MetropolisBlue 15
5 JLeverenz 15
5 sweasyf 15
8 NYCCatsinCali 14
8 Mr Kilgore Trout 14
10 blupride 13
10 snarfdog 13
12 CatinTheLou 12
12 UKWildcats #1 12
12 margiefrancie 12
15 GoLightning 11
15 memphis wildcat 11
17 ukcris 10
17 Zach Howerton 10
19 hoboat33 8
19 MajCatFan 8