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Rawle Alkins Tweets he's committed to Buffalo, but has not

Haha Rawle.

Ballislife Midwest


Rawle Alkins and/or his friends are jokesters apparently. Hopefully he's at least still visiting for Big Blue Madness next week.


In what would be a very surprising turn of events, Rawle Alkins is off the board for 2016.

Five-star guard and Kentucky Wildcats target Rawle Alkins has committed to the Buffalo Bulls, he announced Friday on Twitter.

We'll keep you posted on if this is actually real, but that's his Twitter handle, so we'll see where it goes.

It's safe to say no one saw that coming, given his 24/7 Crystal Ball has 17 predictions, and none of them are for the Bulls. UK was leading the way at 53% of the votes, and Alkins was set to visit the Cats for Big Blue Madness. The NC State Wolfpack were next in line with 29% of the votes, and it looked like a battle between those two schools for Alkins.