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JaQuan Lyle Confirms "Gist" of the Louisville Basketball Scandal

This isn't good for our rivals.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Ohio State confirmed that the NCAA had met and talked to freshman point guard JaQuan Lyle about allegations that he took part in a scandal involving the University of Louisville and paid escorts. Lyle committed to the Cardinals shortly after his visit, but he later decommitted and eventually wound up at Ohio State.

Gary Parrish of CBS News broke the story that Lyle confirmed that something related to the content of the book "Breaking Cardinal Rules" did happen while he visited the university.

Ohio State freshman JaQuan Lyle spoke with an NCAA investigator this week about his recruiting visit to Louisville in June 2013 and confirmed the gist of allegations involving paid escorts during his trip to the school, a source with knowledge of the NCAA's investigation told CBS Sports on Thursday morning.

"He told the truth," the source said

It appears as if neither Lyle nor Ohio State will face any consequences of him coming forward and telling the truth. What exactly did he say to the NCAA? That's not public knowledge at this time but I am certain that now one player spoke, more will follow.

Why did Lyle come forward, I would say he had strong motivation:

The NCAA also interviewed LSU freshman shooting guard Antonio Blakeney who, similar to Lyle, is mentioned in the book, committed soon after his visit to Louisville, and then later opted to go somewhere else to play basketball. The details of Blakeney's conversation with the NCAA are not known as of now.

Now it seems that Louisville is forced into a place where they will have to admit to the allegations and work with the NCAA on how to move forward. This is obviously deeper than just JaQuan Lyle and that the overall content of the book by former escort Katina Powell is true.

If Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich continue to hold the course that they knew nothing about what was going on, then that opens the doors to the dreaded "lack of institutional control" rule that no university wants any part of.

I don't like to see this happen anywhere. Everyone involved is gross and is guilty to some extent. There will be more news about this as it continues to break.