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Wildcat Quickies: BOOM!!!! Return of The Mack Edition

Boom's back, Cal's practice notes, Montgomery Gentry to perform, and more quickies

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Not only is the song 'Return of The Mack' a straight up 90's classic and great listening, it should also be the theme song playing when Boom Williams runs onto the field next Thursday.  Boom Williams is 100% back and will be full-go for Auburn.  This is great news, even better news is apparently Boom learned a life lesson from his unfortunate moment.

Boom seemed very contrite in his comments today:

"I wasn't the guy who they needed me to be. So that affected my play and so they didn't want that to cost the team, my personal issues, so that's why I was off the field."

"That was one of the longest weeks of my life, just from the standpoint of not being able to be out there with the team and go through some things that they were going through," he said. "I had some issues of my own that I had to deal with that kept me away from the game. You learn a lot from that situation."

I love that he got better as a person, even if it was a major distraction, in the end the 'Cats got the win and they got a guy back on the field preparing for a team that is beatable.  I would not be shocked to see Boom have a big game against Auburn.






UK Basketball Practice Notes

Here are the basketball practice notes, some of the highlights:

  • Poythress is starting to get that posterizing mentality back.
  • Junior forward Derek Willis looked good Monday, and perhaps more than anything he looked like the veteran that he is. He knows his role and as Coach Cal has said, he's trying to "carve his space."
  • Sophomore guard Tyler Ulis continues to shine. His vision and confidence is on another level.
  • "It's hard to guard basketball players who can play," Calipari said. "It's easy to guard plays."

Labissiere and Murray are Pre-Season All Americans
Skal was first team and Jamal Murray was second team according to CBS Sports

Elite Recruit Marques Bolden headed back to Lexington
2016 5-star center Marques Bolden is planning to make another trip to Lexington on October 16th for Big Blue Madness

Nerlens Noel - Bad MOFO

Noel was STRONG down the stretch last season and is already making an impact this pre-season.  Noel could possibly lead the league in Blocked Shots AND Steals... how crazy is that.


Montgomery Gentry Performing

The duo is coming to Commonwealth Stadium to perform before the game against Auburn next week.  Also, Marlena VanHoose will be singing the National Anthem.


Chatting with The Sports Huddle

One of my more fun segments with Chris Cross, Mikey Cameron, and Matthew Laurance.  We chatted about my UL article 'You Made Your Bed Louisville, Now Lie In It'


Stoops doubles down on Towles

Coach Mark Stoops has made it clear that Patrick Towles is his guy and will be his guy.

"I think it's pretty clear where I'm at on it, or we would've made some changes during the game," Stoops said. "I'm very glad I didn't, because I like the result. I like the outcome of that game."

While I do not disagree with Stoops that Towles is our guy, my only ask was that we got Barker some work.  We are in the midst of a potential special season and when you are one play away from losing your QB, to have the backup have ZERO snaps five games into the season is proverbial Russian roulette.




Nick Saban Went Off

"I hope our players respond the right way and it's not going to be for you," Saban said to a reporter. "The fans, yes. If it was up to you, we're six foot under already. We're dead and buried and gone. Gone."


Butch Jones has 99 problems...

Did Butch Jones really punch a kid?!?!? A report by Saturday Down South says they have sources saying yes he did, AND there is video of it.

I cannot even imagine the fallout from this if it is true.  While it is very far fetched to think this happened, and Butch has addressed it as being completely ridiculous, there seems to be some smoke.  The odd thing is there is a growing faction of Vol fans hoping this is true so he will be fired.


Bowl Predictions



Poor Tackling A National Epidemic?

It really really pains me to admit this, but Pete Thamel has a point in this article.  Just look at how many missed sacks our 'Cats had last weekend.

"The lack of tackling is a plague throughout the country," says former Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti. "Instead of giving out flu shots, they should give out tackling shots to college football players. It's an epidemic."


Todd Gurley

He killed it this Sunday to the tune of 19 carries for 146 yards. I think he is going to be a very good pro running back.


Za'Darius Smith awarded

Sports Illustrated named Big Z the defensive rookie of the week with his two sacks and four tackles to help lead Baltimore to victory.


Kim Davis' Indecent Proposal

an adult website is offering Kim Davis $500,000 to perform in an interracial same sex video.


Go YANKEES!!! except A-Rod

Helen Fowler took a shot at the much maligned Yankees slugger in her Obituary, lol.


Houston plans to walk all over SMU, literally, by taping SMU jerseys to the floors of the places where the players will be walking all week.


Julius Randle SWAT!!!!

It is becoming a thing now for NBA stars to swat the crap out of little kids shots, not sure what to make of it, but it is entertaining.


ISIS with Nukes?

Apparently Nuclear arms smugglers have been shopping to ISIS and other terrorists, good lord that is scary.



Apparently technology is very close to being able to have full-on sex robots and some are predicting it will turn out to be more popular than actual living breathing people doing it.


Horror Movies

We are nearing Halloween and AMC is doing their Walking Dead premiere and all the great horror movies.  For me, the best franchise is A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I grew up watching it, having nightmares, but still wanting to watch Freddy.

How about you?