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Wildcat Quickies: College is Short, Have an Escort Paid for Edition

Louisville is in BIG trouble, The Legend of CJ Johnson, "Let's Ball", Jeff Badet's catch, and more quickies

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Unless you have been under a rock, you know about the sex scandal going on at the University of Louisville right now.  This is going to be a big big deal folks, as good as Tom Jurich is at controlling the media he still will not be able to keep the program from getting hit here.

Here are a few of the more indicting excerpts from Katina Powell's release:

I only ever had sex with one recruit because I had enough girls to take care of that for me. I had sex with the parents because that's just the way it was set up. He (Andre) would call me and tell me that it was a parent of the recruit and I had to make him feel good enough to send his son to U of L.

All I knew was that it had to be done without questioning, so I never asked. I just did the job. And I was damn good at what I did. Andre would meet me at the hotel where the father was staying, pay me, and take off before he was seen by anyone.

McGee, she said, often came across as cocky and confident, but she sensed that "deep down he was under a lot of pressure from the coaches. He always said his job depended on this kid signing." Katina believed that McGee was, if nothing else, loyal to his coach, saying, "you could look into his eyes and see the loyalty he had for Pitino. To him he was just doing his job."

Some things were peculiar to her, however. While McGee always liked to say that the ATM was his best friend, many times his cash was wrapped in bank bands—stacks of money with white bands around it and nothing you could get from an ATM. I never questioned exactly where the money came from, I just knew he had help because his account couldn't handle expenses alone. Andre would stand on the couch and throw money. He'd give it to the guys to throw.

I cannot imagine Pitino surviving this, and the 2013 title is in Jeopardy.  With Pitino's own sordid history and him being the head of the snake, he is going to ultimately have to resign in my opinion.

I can guarantee you that Andre McGee was not using his own money out of the love for his University to coordinate this, so where was the money coming from?  If he was pulling this from a bank account, it will not be hard to figure it out.

Sit back, get your popcorn and let it all play out because it is going to be a show, and it is going to be on a national stage.






"Let's Ball"

The UK documentary on last season's basketball team is out on October 13th, here is the official trailer for it.

CJ Johnson, shew wee he good

CJ missed the first game, and played in a limited role against South Carolina, however, he is the 8th overall leading tackler in the SEC and by far the top D-Lineman.


Jeff Badet Full Extension

I think Jeff Badet's Touchdown catch was one of the best catches you will see.  He was running full speed, full extension, and he plucked it from the blades of fake grass just inches below the ball.

A photo posted by ukfootball (@ukfootball) on

Saturday's Debacle

Folks, winning that game prevented a disaster of epic proportions.  Had Stoops lost that game, he would have lost 40% of the fanbase to basketball and destroyed everything he had built up to this point.  There are really only two positives for me that came out of the game:

1- They Won and 2- Cory Johnson

That is it, that is the list of positive takeaways I have from the game.  Two of the biggest things I was disappointed in as a result of the game was the coaching staff and Boom Williams.  Williams selfish decision created a major distraction for the team, AND we obviously needed him Saturday.

The Coaches talked all week about playing backups and getting Drew Barker in the game as if it was a foregone conclusion the game would be over after the first quarter.  Obviously the EKU coaches were able to piece all this together and nearly give the 'Cats an embarrassing loss.

Just think about this; we were one play away from losing to an FCS team, and our little nephew, by TWO touchdowns in our house.  Mark Stoops used the word fortunate, I think that might be the understatement of his coaching career.



Utah #1?

ESPN has released its week six power poll and raise your hand if you thought you would ever see the Utah Utes at the top of any college football rankings poll.


Best College Gameday Sign

As voted on by the fans.


Good? Ole Rocky Top

Rocky Top, Tennessee is not only a place, but it is an adjective as well.  The fans are done, D.O.N.E. with Butch Jones at this point.  The Vols are 2-3 and have Georgia and Alabama coming up next.  They have blown 14 point leads in all three losses and generally folded on a colossal level in 2015.  The pitchforks are out in full force in Knoxville folks.



Cardale Jones Taking Heat

If you think Patrick Towles gets some grief from fans on social media, check out the #1 Buckeyes fanbase going after Cardale following a win.





Buckeyes Traditional Scarlet and .... Black?


Texas Longhorns and Twitter

First it was Cornerback Kris Boyd tweeting from the locker room at halftime of a 50-7 loss against TCU.  He retweeted a fan saying he was ready to transfer to another team when they were.

The Rangers then jumped into the twitter foray when one of the off-duty employees decided to tweet from the Rangers official account a message to fire Charlie.


He has since been terminated for the tweet and the Rangers apologized.


College Football Plays Of The Week



I am very pumped to have Homeland coming back on tonight.  I am a big fan of the show and it appears this season may actually be more intertwined with the threats of today.  Mandy Patinkin is one of the best actors out there, hated him leaving Criminal Minds


Fear The Walking Dead

Season Finale, I will admit I am very underwhelmed by the show.  Hopefully it is a better second season and gets going quicker.