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2nd Half Gamethread: Kentucky vs. Tennessee

Down 10 at the half, can the Cats battle back?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Note to self: Do not highlight the Freak of the Week ends badly.

In another half of ups and downs, we saw that Tennessee's defense is not too shabby, and that our O Line desperately misses Big Mel. A baffling set of missed tackles took the Vols from up 3 to up 10 in a nano-second, and UK is now missing their star receiver.

All in all, a fairly normal first half for the Border War.

Keys to Kentucky turning this around in the second half:

  • Patrick has to be better protected...period. And then he needs to turn that to his advantage. That last throw of the half was gorgeous, but sadly right into a pack of blue and white and orange humanity where no one survived. With Boom out, this is a great chance for C.J. Conrad to step up, along with JoJo Kemp.
  • Defense was...interesting. After running in UK's first TD on a pick, they've shown moments of brilliance followed by moments of....less than brilliance. We knew their offense was good. Defense is key to stopping Dobbs, and especially Dobbs' running game.
  • Putting a bubble around our key guys. Tennessee has already taking out Boom Williams, and dented Denzel Ware. Enough is enough.

We've all seen UT choke away leads before. Let's hope they do the same tonight. Go Big Blue!