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Wildcat Quickies: Louisville's Shame Edition

UL is in as deep a hot water as you can get in, Karl Towns on the cover of Sports Illustrated and more Quickies

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

What a missed opportunity by so many organizations yesterday, if you had bad news to report and you missed out on doing it yesterday then it is your fault.  From the crack of dawn till the stroke of midnight the news story that dwarfed all other stories was the Louisville Escort Scandal.

ESPN's Outside the Lines did an expose on the situation and shed more blinding light on the situation.  Even the most red-tinted glasses wearers came away with an understanding that this happened.  Not only did it happen, it is closer to the extreme version of everything being true vs somewhere in the middle.

Five former players and former recruits corroborated the accusations, Outside the Lines verified the validity of the text messages and a few other key bits of information.

There is no need to rehash in-depth as the information is fast and furious everywhere you look, suffice to say that this is a terrible situation.  I know Louisville is our biggest rival and we take satisfaction in their loss and suffering, but this is a bit different.

It is a situation where parents of recruits are suffering from their imagination running wild.  It is a situation where there are good Louisville fans (yes, there are a lot of them) who will live with the tainted future of this administration's decisions.

You have borderline human trafficking going on with an exchange for sexual acts with 17-20 year old KIDS, by some KIDS the same age while adults profit.

Having said that, there is a large portion of fans, coaches, and administrators that will be getting a strong comeuppance from this scandal. If there is a silver lining in this it would be that the University is teetering on the precipice of a long overdue house cleaning.

The floodgates are just opening, there will be more come out, and it is going to be an avalanche of embarrassment that ends with jobs lost, games vacated, and probation handed down, in my opinion.


  • Karl Anthony-Towns made his way on a regional cover for Sports Illustrated

  • Matthew Mitchell previewed his team from media days and emphasized defense first when he is recruiting players. I wonder if Coach Cal's emphasis on defense had a part in that change of philosophy.
We tell everybody, if you don't value defense, don't come here. Don't even get on the recruiting list. Don't even waste our time.

"Offensively, I think we executed about as good as we have this year," Dawson said. "That's probably as close to what I envision offensive football looking like."

  • Colts punter Pat McAfee explains the unexplainable fake punt, and makes it worse.  Apparently they were just trying to trick the Patriots into a penalty for too many men on the field.  Just stick with the "he should not have snapped it" guys.
  • Katherine Webb is not too happy about the NFL Network having a video showing some of the players nude in the locker room.  Her husband, A.J. Mccarran plays for Cincinnati in case you wonder why she is weighing in.  Personally, much ado about nothing, if the dudes in there wanna be naked it is part of it.  They see the cameras, avoid them if you want to.  For their salaries, I would say that is not too much to ask.
  • South Carolina to focus their coaching search on Memphis' Justin Fuente, Houston's Tom Herman, and the man who has been a candidate for seemingly decades, Kirby Smart.
  • In the What-The-What category we have the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning.  Peyton has only seven TDs this season and 10 INTs. His QB rating is 72.5 (lowest since his rookie year) and three of those interceptions are pick-6s.  The Broncos are 30th our of 32 in rushing yards per game.  Your QB is bad, your rushing is worse, so what is your record?  6-0 of course.