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Awesome behind-the-scenes look at Kentucky Wildcats' win over Missouri (video)

As Mark Stoops would say, "We're just getting started bro!"

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The guys at Kentucky Wildcats TV have put out an awesome piece on last week's big win over the Missouri Tigers.

It offers a behind-the-scenes look at what was one of the biggest wins UK football has scored under Mark Stoops since he became head coach in late 2012. It also came after a very debilitating loss to Florida the previous week that had many wondering if UK had truly turned the corner.

They answered that with a 21-13 win over Missouri, and you can re-live every aspect of it from the week of practice leading up to it, the pregame festivities, and the emotional scene with players and coaches after getting the win.

Do yourself a favor and find a seat and watch this for the next 15 minutes, and maybe watch it tow or three more times after that.

Hopefully, we'll see several more of these this season. As Stoops would say, "We're just getting started bro!"