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Kentucky Wildcats unveil new uniform combo vs Auburn Tigers

The Kentucky Wildcats have unveiled their uniform combination for tonight's SEC clash with the Auburn Tigers.

The Cats will be going all-blue against Auburn with the exception of their chrome helmets. This is the first time this combination has been used since the debut of the chrome helmets last year. The previous combination with the chrome helmets involved blue jerseys with grey pants or black jerseys with black pants.

Here is a look at the full attire, courtesy of UK Athletics:

Here's a look back at all of the uniform combinations the Cats have used in recent years:

Home: Blue helmet, blue jersey, blue pants
Home Alternate 1: Blue helmet, grey jersey, blue pants
Home Alternate 2: Chrome helmet, blue jersey, grey pants
Home Alternate 4: Chrome helmet, black jersey, black pants
Away: Blue helmet, white jersey, blue pants
Away Alternate 1: White helmet, white jersey, white pants
Away Alternate 2: White helmet, white jersey, blue pants