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That was frustrating.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

In the first 30 minutes, Kentucky has alternated between being great and gallstone-inducing. The biggest missed opportunity was clearly Patrick Towles' interception in the first quarter, but I'd argue the defense getting knocked around by Auburn's O-Line on that first drive was equally rage-inducing.

Keys to Victory:

  • Defense needs to step up. Enough missed tackles. And will someone sack their QB already? He's had enough time to cook a 7 course meal at least twice tonight.
  • Heads up, receivers! Patrick has thrown some odd balls, to be sure, but you've missed some catches.
  • Austin's injury is obviously still an issue. No suggestions there aside from cryo-freezing him to recovery.

Down 13 is not ideal but these Cats have come back from worse. I still have faith, do you?

Let's do this, Wildcats!