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Derek Willis' finger dislocated through skin

Derek Willis didn't make much out of his dislocated finger, which probably would have made most people faint.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats have suffered two significant injuries before the upcoming college basketball season even opens.

Junior forward Derek Willis is expected to miss another few weeks after dislocating his finger in practice last week. Junior guard Dominique Hawkins is also out a few more weeks after breaking his hand in a recent practice.

At Media Day, Willis revealed the result of his dislocated finger that pierced right through the skin.

It looks like Willis' finger was cut off and reattached.

When asked earlier this morning about Willis' injury, head coach John Calipari admitted even he was grossed out it.

"Let me tell you, if you heard the pop when Derek went to catch the ball, and he walked right to the sideline, he punched the wall. I was like 'oh,' because if you heard it, you just knew he shattered a finger. So he walked back and I'm kind of watching him and I'm trying to be focused on practice.

"It's hard when someone gets hurt, your focus goes. So he goes in, I said, ‘Is he in the back?’ and they said yeah. And there was blood on the floor. Now I wanted to go throw up because now I'm thinking this kid, but it was dislocated. So I call him at the hospital, I'm driving home. I said, ‘How you doing, kid? Are you all right?’ ‘I'm good, Coach.’ ‘What?’ ‘Yeah, it just dislocated. It did come through the skin, and they gave me three stitches. I'm going to be good and be back in 10 days.’

"I said, ‘That's what it is to have long bones like you have, kid.’ I did tell him, ‘Next time, you'll get more open.’"