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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Steve Spurrier Edition

When a legend retires, nothing else could lead the Quickies. I'm missing the OBC already.

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Today’s lead story is no surprise. South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier, according to multiple reports, is retiring effective immediately.

The Charleston Post and Courier has more on the sudden departure of the Ol’ Ball Coach:

Spurrier informed his team in a meeting Monday night that he was stepping down effective immediately, a source close to the team told The Post and Courier. His decision is expected to be made official at a press conference Tuesday, when an interim coach will be named to finish this season, beginning with Saturday’s 4 p.m. home game against Vanderbilt.

Spurrier will step down as the most successful coach in South Carolina history, with an 86-49 record in 10 and a half seasons at USC. Also the all-time winningest coach at Florida, he stands with Bear Bryant as the only two coaches to hold that distinction at a pair of SEC schools.

Reportedly, offensive line coach Shawn Elliott will be named interim head coach.

This has been a very tough year not just for the South Carolina football team, but also for the entire state as the Biblical flooding continues to ravage the Palmetto State. We will all miss Spurrier, he was a unique personality as well as a remarkable success in Columbia, and neither the SEC nor college football will be the same without him.

Relevant tweets:

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Your Quickies:

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  • Here’s your current Big Blue Madness guest list.

  • Takeaways from UK basketball’s live practice. Consider:

    A scout for the Dallas Mavericks told ESPN’s Andy Katz that the combine is "very beneficial" for NBA franchises "because we like to see them in this environment and how they adapt to all the pressure. Does the pressure bother them? Is there a fear factor?" The scout added that "Kentucky did a great job here."

    Yeah, we killed it. Read the whole thing, lots of good stuff there.

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  • John Wall just put some of his skin in the game:

    To incentivize the cause, Wall will pay assistant coach Howard Eisley $100 for every game he commits more than two turnovers. Worst-case scenario, that’s a $8,200 loss.

    Now, that’s an incentive… well, to most people, anyway. To John Wall, that’s probably a weekend night on the town, but hey, I still like it.

  • Speaking of John Wall, Bill Simmons calls Colin Cowheard’s repeated criticism of Wall out, and in a brutally honest way:

    "All of [Cowherd’s] assignations, his problems with Wall at the outset and what he was describing, it emanated from this thing where Wall was doing the Dougie early on. Not a good look, but all of the criticisms that Colin then put on him were classic racial coding kind of stuff," House said. "It was loathsome, and he doubled down on it."


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