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Nick Chubb suffered torn ligaments in knee

You never want this to happen to anyone, let alone one of the best players in college football.

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Nick Chubb's injury suffered Saturday involved tore three ligaments in his left knee, according to a Facebook post by his mother, LaVelle Chubb.

"Nick has a PCL tear along with two other ligaments," LaVelle wrote. "It's not nearly as bad as it could have been. They'll wait for swelling to go down to decide when to have surgery. Possibly two weeks."

If Chubb’s season is over, he finishes with 92 carries for 747 yards and seven touchdowns. Chubb was on pace for a record-breaking season, and he already had matched Herschel Walker’s record for consecutive 100-yard games last week's loss to Alabama.


Georgia Bulldogs running back and Heisman contender Nick Chubb suffered a leg injury during his team's game against the Tennessee Volunteers.

It came on the first play of the game as Chubb took a handoff and attempted to bounce it outside, and as he was trying to pick up extra yardage going out of bounds, his leg bent under him and cause what appeared to be a very serious injury. He was then carried to UGA's sideline in clear pain and unable to walk on his own.

We're not going to post the video on here as it is very horrific, but here is a link to it. View at your own discretion.

It was so bad that announcer Gary Danielson said he was sick for Chubb after seeing the play. The CBS broadcast wouldn't even show the replay after they had realized what happened. Players and coaches on the Georgia sideline were going up to Chubb as he was crying and praying with him as doctors examined his leg.

It was a very emotional scene for what appears to be a serious injury that is now threatening his season after just six weeks. Georgia came into their matchup with Tennessee as the favorite to win the SEC East, but that would change if Chubb is out for any significant amount of time.

Still, you don't want to ever see this, and here's to hoping the injury isn't as serious as it looked.