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Mark Stoops talks Boom Williams, Dorian Baker, Regie Meant and more

Mark Stoops spoke after Thursday's practice about Boom Williams, Regie Meant, Dorian Baker, and other Cats dealing with issues affecting their availability.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

With two days to go until the Homecoming matchup against Eastern Kentucky, Kentucky Wildcats Head Coach Mark Stoops briefly met with the media after today’s practice.

"It was a good Thursday practice. It’s been a good week", said Stoops in his opening statement.

After three difficult SEC games it would be understandable if Kentucky’s attention waned before taking on an opponent that is a heavy underdog.

Apparently, that’s not the case for this team. Coach Stoops said he was very pleased with the his team’s attitude in preparation for the Colonels.

"To this point it has been very good. There is a lot of mental preparation that takes place between now and Saturday. Hopefully we will keep it going and have the right focus", he said.

The status of running back Boom Williams is still uncertain for Saturday’s game.

"He’s been at practice, so we’ll see where things go", said Stoops.

For many younger UK players the EKU game will be their best chance to get on the field this season.

Coach Stoops said that he had not noticed any extra effort from those players because they usually give their all in practice, a trait they have displayed all season.

Stoops said that he spoke with EKU coach Rodney Hood this week about the incident between the two teams in Richmond earlier this year.

"I just wanted coach to know that we would be looking to play some good football and none of the extracurricular stuff. I wanted him to know that I would not put up with any of it," Stoops said.

On the injury front, Coach Stoops said that Regie Meant will not play Saturday but Dorian Baker and Jordan Swindle will.

Bad weather has plagued the Bluegrass for several days and has impacted Coach Stoops travel plans for recruiting.

"The weather is messing me up with the helicopter, so I’m driving," said Stoops with a smile.