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Alabama 24, Kentucky 37: Second Half Live Thread

Kentucky had a very good first half on both sides of the floor, but it could have been even better.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a decent half of basketball by Kentucky. It wasn’t quite a thing of beauty due to some very poor shots out of nowhere that made no sense at all, at least two of them by Aaron Harrison. Still, UK was very good overall, efficient from the floor, and forced a bunch of Alabama Crimson Tide turnovers.

First half stats

I guess my biggest complaint at this point is, why aren’t the Wildcats up by more? Alabama turned the ball over 10 times to only 2 by UK. I suspect the reason is poor defensive rebounding by the Wildcats, as I see Alabama with 5 offensive boards. Now, that may not mean much because of how much better Kentucky shot the ball, but it could explain why the Wildcats aren’t up by 18 or 20.

Karl-Anthony Towns is having his best game in a while offensively with 12 points. but I just like what he’s doing, the way he’s playing the game and letting it come to him. His post moves are more decisive and quicker after receiving the ball, but he’s patient when it’s called for.

Overall, I’m really happy. Now, if the Wildcats can just reprise this half with one as good or better, I’ll be happier still.

Go, ‘Cats!