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Kentucky Wildcats at Missouri Tigers: Live Game Thread

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Kentucky heads to Missouri to try to make it 20 in a row.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, to the contest between the Kentucky Wildcats, who will be going for their 20th consecutive victory of the 2014-15 college basketball season against the Missouri Tigers at Mizzou Arena in Columbia. It was at this precise point, only at Columbia, South Carolina, where Kentucky’s last 19-0 season went to 19-1. Will history repeat itself? We’ll know in a few hours time.

Essentials for victory

  • Guard the three — The 3-point line is the one place where Missouri can undoubtedly do some damage against Kentucky. The Tigers aren’t a great 3-point shooting team, but they are good enough to get hot from out there. Make them put it on the floor

  • Intensity — We have seen this Kentucky team look complacent before. If they want to keep winning, they can’t bring that attitude tonight against a hostile crowd and a team overdue for a good game.

  • Rebounding — Kentucky’s offensive rebounding was pathetic last game, and has been trending downward the last few games. This would be a good night for that stat to get well.

  • Physicality — You don’t expect young teams like Mizzouri to try to push Kentucky around, but you might just see that tonight.

  • Attack the rim — The Wildcats must attack the rim and look to pass first, and score second. When Calipari made that tweak last season, the Wildcats went from good to a threat to win it all. If we want Kentucky trending into top form, we need to see some of that action again.

This is a game that Kentucky should win, but consider that beating the Wildcats would be the highlight of Missouri’s season, a season where highlights have been very few and far between, especially lately. Kentucky must respect this opponent, especially in their own house. They are capable of pulling an upset, and Kentucky is capable of laying an egg. We need intensity, focus, and most of all, respect for our hosts.

Go, ‘Cats!