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Kentucky Wildcats Fan Songs To Get Us All Back In The Mood

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Some are silly, some are un-listenable, but some are fun and inspiring.

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[Mike Moeller is a new freelance contributor to A Sea of Blue. Welcome him to our community - ed.]

I don’t know about you, but after the two overtime games, and hearing this depressing stat regarding Kentucky’s 2-point shooting percentage, I just want to put my feet up and listen to the radio. And by "listen to the radio" I mean "judge fan-made Kentucky songs."

1) "I Bleed Blue" A bit dated, first appearing on YouTube in 2010 via ‘ukcat8fan,’ this song by recorded by Ryan Parker is supposed to capture the greatest moments, feelings, heroes, and villains in our Kentucky Basketball Saga. What seems like a Christian Rock song appears to be the unofficial gospel hymn of the Bluegrass.

2) "Kentucky Wildcats Anthem" Another pre-2012 song, this edgier song speaks to our UK Youths. "People say we dumb, people say we kiddy-cats. We only need to count to 7. Can your team do that?" BURN (Okay, but we can count to 8 now – hopefully 9 soon). I think the Jerry Tipton shout-out alone should warrant a few plays.

3) "The Tweak" Honestly. I just couldn’t finish this song. This Ray Stevens parody, all about Tweak #1 (I wish I didn’t have to specify), is…no. Just listen.

4) "Marty Brown’s UK Wildcats’ Battle Cry" Short, but sweet. I think it’s pretty catchy. This country song, written hastily, and maybe ghost written by a fellow named Jim Beam, was written the week of the 2014 Championship game. Marty, I’m not saying you jinxed us, but maybe a song shouldn’t be written this year?

5) "Happy Birthday, Coach Hall" I’m cheating. I couldn’t listen to anymore fan songs. Here’s Ashley Judd leading Rupp Arena in Happy Birthday a couple of seasons ago.

What do you think the best (worst?) song out there is?

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