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ESPN Says We Should Be Concerned About The Kentucky Wildcats, But Not Duke.

Logical thinking is not a requirement for the sports commentariat, apparently.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, I read these articles and just shake my head. I wonder, occasionally, if the guys who are doing them over at ESPN really go back and examine the content of their comments, and how they might appear… discordant.

Consider this article entitled "Concerns for Kentucky" over at the Worldwide Leader werein Andy Katz, Dana O’Neil and Eamonn Brennan offer commentary about both Duke and Kentucky’s performance this weekend. I could quote the whole thing, but better you just go over and read it, it’s short and painless. Here’s the gist:

1. What’s the most concerning part for Kentucky in all these close games it has played?

The consensus was that Kentucky should be concerned, and are going to lose. The eyebrow-knitting literally leaps off the page. Concern. Concern, concern, concern.

2. Duke’s loss: Blip on the radar or reason to worry?

The consensus? You guessed it — blip on the radar!

Does anyone beside me find this the least bit incongruous? Seriously, Duke went all deer-in-the-headlights when North Carolina State shut down their late rally and folded like a well-used cardboard box.

All Kentucky did in both games — the Ole Miss game where they were up against a Hot Team™, and the Texas A&M game where they played poorly, is find a way to win rather than collapse. And for this, we should be "concerned" about Kentucky, but not about Duke?

Well, alrighty then. I’m afraid all I can do is look askance at that, and drop my level of respect for these analysts a tad.