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Happy 2015 From A Sea of Blue!

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Welcome to 2015, and we hope yours is a great one!


Happy New Year to all at the Big Blue Nation. This year has seen a lot of good things for Kentucky fans, and although I’m sure it has been good for some of you and bad for others, and we have had better years in Kentucky sports, this season was still really, really good. 2015 is shaping up to be even better.

Rather than enumerate all the possible good things for 2015, let’s just all stop for a minute and be grateful for the fact that we have made it this far — young or old, rich or poor. For all its troubles, travails, pain and sadness, it’s good to be alive, and right now is not the worst time in history to be among the living. No, it isn’t the ideal world we could all hope for, but it is the world we have, and making the best of it is what we all do every day.

So just for a moment, let’s be thankful to be alive and to have family, friends, and blog-buddies we get to share a tiny smidgen of our lives with, and only as much as we will. There is nothing better than having family and friends to share our happiness and disappointment with. Just as misery loves company, so does joy.

So I wish each of you, and your family and connections, the very happiest 2015. May it be blessed. I wish you all joy, and the best year of your lives.

P.S. - Treat this as an open thread.