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Kentucky Football: Overlooked Yahtzee - Calvin Taylor Signs With Kentucky For 2015

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Kentucky gets a very late addition to the 2015 football recruiting class.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Taylor of Augusta Christian high school in Augusta, Georgia has committed to play football for Kentucky. He is in the class of 2015 and was recruited by teams like Indiana, Syracuse and Vanderbilt and offered by Temple. He is a very big guy at 6‘9" 260#, was ranked a 2-star by and is recruited as an offensive tackle (although he played a lot on the defensive line in high school). I am not sure where Kentucky plans to use him.

Here’s a video of the signing:

Taylor is a big guy, as I mentioned, and football teams can never have too many big guys. He is certain to redshirt for his freshman season to get bigger, stronger and better at the game. He is the kind of long-range prospect you can sign when you start getting better depth at most positions, and I think that’s why Kentucky took a bit of a flyer on him.

You can find his HUDL profile here, and here is some video: