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Kentucky Football: 4-star Center Decommits From Kentucky

Luke Hiers of Lake Wales, Florida, has just decommitted from Kentucky.

Student Sports

Luke Hiers, one of the top centers in the land, committed to Kentucky verbally back in May. Now, according to this tweet from Heirs, he is no longer committed to the Wildcats:

This is definitely bad news, but it is also a fact of life in NCAA Football recruiting. It does no good to bemoan the loss, someone else has apparently sold him on the bigger, better deal of which there are very many in college football compared to Kentucky. Brian Eldridge of Scout encapsulates my thoughts perfectly:

Indeed. Good luck to Luke, and now Stoops & Co. must get to work on finding a replacement for him. Don’t let this upset you Big Blue Nation, it’s a tough old world out there in college football recruiting, and blows like this are, as I said above, inevitable. It happens to other schools, and it will happen to us.

A scholarship just opened up. Let’s get it filled. Go, ‘Cats!