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Double-Yahtzee! Andrew and David Dowell Commit To Kentucky

The win over South Carolina pays off immediately as Andrew and David Dowell commit to Kentucky.

Joe Robbins

Well, we knew it might happen. I speculated on the possibility yesterday and it came to fruition today, as the Dowell twins, Andrew and David, are now verbally committed to Kentucky. Both are 4-star athletes/running backs from Lakewood, Ohio. Both are versatile players that could wind up either in the offensive or defensive backfield, but more likely the latter. Here are the tweets (Hat tip: Kentucky Sports Connection):

Finally, some analysis from Justin Rowlands at

The twins were being recruited by the likes of Georgia Tech, Boston College, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, and Wisconsin among many others. Vince Morrow, of course, was the primary recruiter for the twins, and their commitment will be a big help to Kentucky’s depth somewhere. These are talented young men who are desirable for any team, and the Wildcats’ third and fourth Rivals 4-star commitments in this class. There are several others rated 4-star by at least one service.

Go, ‘Cats!