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Kentucky Basketball: 2016 Shooting Guard Malik Monk Is A Remarkable Athlete

Kentucky recently offered an astonishingly athletic 2-guard.

Sometimes, you see mixtapes that tell you something about how a player handles the ball, how he shoots, how he passes. Often we look for things like whether or not the player can use his left hand, or how well he goes each direction. Sometimes we can see good floor vision, a great crossover, or superior athletic skills.

This video of Malik Monk (2016 shooting guard) shows exactly one thing, and one thing only — insane, otherworldly athleticism. This kid is only 6‘3", and he flies through the air with the greatest of ease, dunking the ball with many, many inches to spare. I have no idea what his vertical is, but if it isn’t 40+ inches, I’ll eat my hat.

Of course, Kentucky recently offered Monk a scholarship, and I have to say I don’t wonder why. I thought fellow Arkansan Archie Goodwin was a fantastic athlete, but this kid is truly remarkable, possibly as good a run-and-jump athlete as Andrew Wiggins, John Wall or Russell Westbrook. He literally takes flight, and looks like he can stay as high as he wants as long as he wants, an attribute I have formerly seen only in a few players, one of them being the greatest ever, Michael Jordan. Now, Monk has a long way to go to be in that category basketball wise, but athletically, he’s already there.

Monk, ranked No. 6 in the 2016 class by, is one of the more athletic guards in the country. He attacks the rim aggressively and can finish some big-time dunks. But he also is a threat from long range. He made 10 threes and scored 59 points in an EYBL game in April.

I’d love to see a better package of Monk's overall skills, and trust me, this one is very one-dimensional. But even so, it’s one of the most impressive package of dunks I've ever seen from a high school player — and a junior, no less. OMG material.

Oh, and he seems to relish the big moment. That, in itself, is a skill — or at least, a talent.