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SEC Power Poll Post-Week 3: Ballot And Results

After week 3, ASoB's ballot is all over the place, except for Kentucky, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.


Here’s your post-week 3 ballot for the SEC Power Poll. Will, Alex, and I all cast a vote, which you can see compared here. I was the only one to make comments.

You can find the final results here at Team Speed Kills. At least we’re not at the bottom this year. That sure is nice after two seasons in the crawlspace.

Rank Will Alex Team Comments
1 1 3 Alabama Alabama gave up 13 first downs? They must be slipping.
2 3 2 Texas A&M Not quite as impressive as vs. South Carolina.
3 2 1 Auburn Things get a whole lot tougher in two weeks for the Tigers. But so far, so good.
4 4 4 LSU Impressive defensive performance. The offense, not as much.
5 6 5 Mississippi Bo Wallace, Heisman contender?
6 8 9 Georgia Not sure what this means for the East, but it's certainly a race now.
7 7 10 South Carolina Is the Fun & Gun back in Columbia despite Mike Davis?
8 5 6 Missouri Maty Mauk. Wow. Just … wow.
9 11 8 Mississippi State Gave up a lot of yards to a weaker team, but not a lot of points.
10 9 7 Florida I don't think Kentucky provided much cooling for Muschamp's seat.
11 10 11 Arkansas I think we can say with conviction that Arkansas can really run the football.
12 12 12 Kentucky Tough break in the Swamp. Maybe next year.
13 13 13 Tennessee Gotta give Tennessee's defense some credit – holding high-powered Oklahoma to only 38 points isn't as bad as some feared.
14 14 14 Vanderbilt Well, after week 1, it looked like Vandy might go 0-fer-FBS, but that's not going to happen after all.