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Kentucky Football: Victory In Loss To Florida

This was a moral victory and that's alright...for now.

Rob Foldy

I'll make this fast: Kentucky should be happy with its moral victory last night against Florida. I won't link to the sites (because I don't want the responsibility of you taking bleach to your eyes), but there are Florida sites and non-aligned scribes this morning focusing on Florida "still isn't  quite there" narrative. While last night was yet another game that UK can add to this list, it also displayed Kentucky's improvement in all facets of the game.

Lazy narratives are lazy.

Kentucky looks nothing like the teams of its past. They are obviously well-coached and as a result play fundamental football. More than that, they proved last night they are mentally tough and respond to adversity.  When quality players come into the program, and quality development occurs, quality games get played. The program's foundation is more than solid and future wins are inevitable.

UK still faces a very tough scheduled packed with good teams. The record may not even come close to reflecting the improvement that's happened in the past year, or maybe it just might. Last season no one cared a whit about Missouri or Auburn, but they decided to play their games anyway. A focus on the fundamentals and critical thinking is sometimes required to get accurate assessments.

Fans should embrace moral victories when warranted. We aren't players or coaches and should feel alright after courageous losses. Especially because the future seems so bright right now.

Then again, I'm the guy who wrote this, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me.