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College Football: SEC Power Poll Post-Week 2 Ballot And Results

Will and I diverged a bit on voting this week, especially at the top.


This week’s SEC Power Poll may be found, as usual, over at Team Speed Kills. We have our ballots below.

Will Glenn Team Comments
4 1 Texas A&M Can these kids score, or can't they?
1 2 Georgia Can't wait to see what they can do in Columbia.
2 3 Alabama Okay, so far so good. I don't have enough data to put them higher.
3 4 Auburn Yeah, well, next week will have me interested.
5 5 LSU Sam Houston State? Okay, well, good job I guess.
6 6 Mississippi Impressive. I'm not sure if Vandy is that bad, or if Ole Miss is that good. I'm willing to split the difference.
8 7 Florida Pretty big numbers against EMU.
7 8 Missouri Beat UCF by a lot and you'll have my attention.
9 9 South Carolina Is 1-2 possible? I'm thinking damned likely.
11 10 Tennessee I'm thinking this wasn't all that impressive. Am I wrong?
10 11 Mississippi State There might be some vulnerability there, I think.
12 12 Kentucky Kentucky gets their annual root canal against Florida this weekend, but they are 2-0
13 13 Arkansas Heh. Get ready for a surprise next week.
14 14 Vanderbilt Oh, Vandy. Nice to have you back.

Just a few additional comments:

  • Texas A&M really is impressing me with their ability to pile up points. Teams like that really put pressure on all but the most sturdy team’s psyche.

  • Georgia really might be the best team in the east, and in the SEC. Saturday will go a long way toward telling.

  • Not many are willing to buy Florida’s win over Eastern Michigan as a sign the Gators are back, but if they stomp UK, well, things are likely to change.

  • Who is Missouri? I was asking the same thing last season, and they showed me emphatically that my doubts were misplaced. I have doubts again. Will they disabuse me of them yet again?