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Hump Day Twitter Fun for the Big Blue Nation

Finding some of the interesting stuff on Twitter, whether directly relevant to Kentucky or not.

Warren Little

Here we are again, I with a few minutes to kill before my date night with my wife, and the Twitter account. What kind of damage can I do? Let’s see:

Hmm. So paying “athletes” seems out of the question. We’re talking about 4% of the athletes. That should be an interesting debate:

Female basketball player: So the boys get paid and not me?

Administrator: That’s right. They make money. You take money.

FBBP: But that’s not fair! What can I do?

A: See below

Interesting, indeed.

What the heck did we teach you here, Doron? That’s a scary one.

He learned from the best last season, I say.

Could we be in for another barn-burner? Not likely, but I’d love to see it.

Well, let’s get the most out of it, whatever we do. Winning is always important.

I’d like to see that. I really would. And, I’d like to see it no matter what “the guys” do. They will get more from you that way.

This is absolutely right. I once had back spasms in Myrtle Beach as I was getting ready for the beach. I practically had to crawl to the beach in agony, hoping they would go away.

I managed to get in the surf for about 2 hours, came back feeling fine, left the beach and played 18 holes of golf. So yes, back spasms can go quickly. And in case you were wondering:

Love him or hate him, he’s going to be there.  I guess that's good.

That’s still pretty skinny.

Yeah. Well, okay then.

Exactly right. Whenever I travel, Waffle House is my destination every morning and sometimes at lunch. I don’t eat there a lot, but whenever I leave town, I do.

Yes, they do know what they’re doing. They figured it out late last season. It took them a while, but I don’t think they are likely to forget.

Hey, that looks exactly like my copy — dog-eared, coffee-stained… all of it.


Oh, I got Kentucky big boy. By about 12. Of course, being a partisan, you can’t go by me. But when you look at the team… well, as I say, give me Kentucky and call my sunglasses blue.