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Twitterific Monday Night In The Big Blue Nation

Just a few random tweets and tidbits of interest.

Rosaura Ochoa

When I have the time, I’ll be posting and commenting on some of the late-breaking news and tweets in the evening. Don’t get used to any consistency, my day varies wildly and without any prior notice. Fair warning.

Tonight’s tweets of interest:

Notwithstanding the adorable doggie, this is exactly what my face looks like when we go for it on 4th down. Just not real big on it.

Feh. Wall’s better than Irving, in my opinion, and this is just Krzyzewski rewarding his former player. Whatever. He’s the coach, he gets to make the call.

I want Davis and Cousins to be the starting 4 and 5 respectively. I don’t expect to get my wish. Mason Plumlee will probably get Krzyzewski love, Cuz the boot.

Okay, yeah, I’m being a negative jerk, my apologies. I just really want some positive reinforcement for Boogie, and I don’t trust Krzyzewski to give it to him. He deserves the nod in my view, but again, K gets the call, and … well, nepotism R us when it comes to Duke. To be fair Krzyzewski gets a lot of latitude due to his success recently, and he deserves it.

Looks like it’s Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. I found this observation interesting:

He has a point. "The Face of the Timberwolves" is not the job I’d want if I were… well, anybody.

I can feel the celebration out there. Looks like we’re nearly there!

This sounds right to me.

That’s all for tonight. Enjoy.