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Kentucky Quickies: The Patrick Towles Edition

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Andy Lyons

Merry Sunday to you all. I hope that most of you have tomorrow off, so today is merely halfway through your weekend. I was up far past my bedtime watching the ending of the LSU-Wisconsin game, and I have several things on my plate today, so these Quickies will be...quick.

Tweet of the Morning:

Kentucky Football

Surely you’ve had one of those beautiful days where everything is perfect, where the sun is shining and the birds are singing, where the good stuff is better than you had hoped and the not-as-good stuff is the kind of stuff that tends to make things better in the future.

Of late, Kentucky football hasn’t had many of those days.

It had one Saturday.

  • The full transcript of Mark Stoops' presser.
  • Locker room dance party led by, I believe, Javess Blue:

    Kentucky Basketball

  • Great news, as five star player Jaylen Brown announced he was going to be attending Midnight Madness.
  • USA Basketball, which includes Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins, whipped poor Finland yesterday. Do play Finland in basketball; don't engage in a winter ground war with them. USA Basketball plays Turkey this afternoon.

    Please treat the comments section as an open thread per usual. I know I missed a lot this morning, especially in regards to the outcomes of other SEC teams (Mizzou's game yesterday confirmed previously held beliefs). I hope to publish a short breakdown of what went right yesterday later this afternoon, so stay tuned for that later today.