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Kentucky Football: ASoB Predicts The Season

And you can too! Vote early and often.

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This season’s new and improved Kentucky team should reflect their improved quality in the win-loss record, although probably not by as much as we’d all like. I see Kentucky’s opportunities for victory as follows:



vs. UT Martin


vs. Ohio


at Florida


vs. Vanderbilt


vs. South Carolina


vs. ULM


at LSU


vs. Mississippi St.


at Missouri


vs. Georgia


at Tennessee


at Louisville


  • Final record: 5-7 overall, 1-7 in the SEC

I see Kentucky winning one of the three games with a "+" sign next to it, so we could lose to Mississippi St. and beat Missouri, or Louisville for example.

I think generally UK will be much more competitive this season in losses. It is also possible that they could win as many as six, and as few as three depending on how things go, who gets hurt, etc. After two seasons of nothing but bad fortune, Kentucky is due to catch a break. Let’s hope it happens. A close game or two in the SEC other than those I’ve highlighted could go UK’s way if everything breaks just right, but UK is not known for its good fortune on the football field.


I predict  5-7.

On the heels of two great recruiting classes for UK, Erik Korem's HPT, and a blueprint of things coming together to make the A-team proud, I think we go 5-7.

While it may seem improbable that we find a 6-6 season it is still possible.  You know what Coach Stoops always says.  Why not?


I'm going to be positive and say that the Wildcats end with a 7-5 season record. I think Kentucky will beat UT Martin, Ohio and Louisiana Monroe with relative ease at home. Even as bad as they were last season, they roughed up the teams they were supposed to. (Let's not talk about the WKU game).

Kentucky was on the verge of winning some SEC games. Most notably at home against Florida, at Mississippi State, at Vanderbilt and at South Carolina. They get three of those four teams at home. With much improved talent at quarterback, the skill positions and on defense, I think the 'Cats get over the hump and win three SEC games. I have them beating a down Vandy team at home, a decent Mississippi State team at home, and surprising Missouri on the road.

That leaves us with Louisville. Yes, I know Bobby is back, and blah, blah, blah... But Kentucky hung with Teddy Bridgewater and company last season, and I think that Louisville team was far superior defensively than what this season's incarnation will be. Throw that in with the most difficult schedule that Louisville has ever faced, I think the personnel will be as equal as it has been in some time when they face off in late November. I think the 'Cats pull a shocker in the Oven and they leave Louisville bowl bound for the first time in three seasons.


Predicted record 4-8
Rough days are not over for the Kentucky Wildcat Football program but in 2014 we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Cats have coughed up a "guarantee game" (to WKU both times) each of the last two seasons and also failed to notch an SEC win during that same span. In fact, UK hasn't won a league game since Matt Roark lined up at quarterback against Tennessee. Let that sink in.
In any event, both streaks end this year as Kentucky will sweep its games against non-power conference teams and have enough talent available to expect a win against Vanderbilt at home. In addition to being in Commonwealth Stadium, the game comes after a bye week. For Wildcat faithful anxious for an SEC win, it doesn't set up much better than that.
The real intrigue comes if the Cats can steal another SEC win and head to Louisville on November 29th with five wins in hand. Kentucky would be playing for a shot at a bowl and whoever's decision it was to move that game to the end of the year will look smart.


Who I'm really darned sure we'll beat:

UT Martin




Miss State

Who I'm fairly sure is beating us:

South Carolina





Who we might surprise:



Why we'll surprise AND possibly beat Florida: I know, I know - dinosaurs roamed the earth and snapchat was a thing Moms did to get your attention in the car the last time we beat the Gators. That said, I've been completely underwhelmed by Muschamp's success in Gainesville. This video didn't help my confidence.  Nor did the abysmal game that was Florida-Tennessee last year.

But MOSTLY I'm unconvinced a healthy Jeff Driskel is going to be a wildly different Driskel, and let's be honest: Driskel is ok. Not FABULOUS. Ok. Also, not even Alligator Army is in love with their depth on defense.

Put all those things together, and us walking into the Swamp with 2 wins under our belts, plus Stoops'  no doubt deeply ingrained loathing for all things Gator due to his time at FSU? I smell upset.

Why I think we have a serious shot at beating Georgia: Actually, I have no logic for stating this is a seriously do-able upset EXCEPT that for whatever reason the Cats always give the Dawgs a very hard time in Lex. We played a HELL of a game against them 2 years ago, and that was with Aaron Murray at QB. Put logic to the side, and assume Richt isn't just doing coach speak in his thoughts on the UGA fall camp.  I think with 2 SEC wins - which I'm predicting - these guys are going to be anxious to show what they can do.

TLDR: Never doubt the power of getting sick of being a cellar dweller.

Note: I hereby claim the title of Official ASoB Fangirl for Za'darius Smith. No, I will not arm-wrestle, play Candy Crush or otherwise be bribed for the rights to this title. A2 has Randall. I get Z. All's fair in love and fangirl adoration.


I'm going out on a limb and predict a 6-6 season. Kentucky's staff has a track record of 2nd year improvements. Stoops and Eliot at Arizona and Florida St.and Brown at Texas Tech. Our defense will be much improved over last year as will the offense. We've not had very good quarterbacking since Mike Hartline and I believe Patrick Towles will be better than Hartline. I believe this defense will be at least on par with the Jeremy Jarmon and Marvin Pryor team that beat ECU in the 2009 bowl game. I'm picking a win over Louisville because they have lost several offensive linemen since Petrino was hired and I also believe they will feel the loss of DeVante Parker. Anyway, here's how I see it playing out:

First two games - 2-0

Florida 2-1

Vanderbilt 3-1

South Carolina 3-2

ULM 4-2

LSU 4-3

Mississippi St. 5-3

Missouri 5-4

UGA 5-5

Tennessee 5-6

Louisville 6-6


I predict 7-5.

  • vs. UT-Martin (Win)
  • vs. Ohio (Win)
  • at Florida (Loss... but competitive)
  • vs. Vanderbilt (Win)
  • vs. South Carolina (Loss - very Narrow loss)
  • vs. ULM (Win)
  • at LSU (Loss)
  • vs. Miss State (Win - this is the game we put it together and lead the entire 2nd half)
  • at Missouri (Win - Huge comeback win for Stoops on the road)
  • vs. Georgia (Loss)
  • at Tennessee (Loss - hate to do it cause this game is winnable, but Neyland will be too much in the 4th quarter)
  • at Louisville (Win - by this time we are kicking on all cylinders and Stoops goes into Louisville and we beat Petrino for the first time since Mike friggin Hartline did it 6 years ago)
  • Will

    I predict 4-8.

    This team wins its four home games against UT-Martin, Ohio, UL-Monroe, and Vanderbilt, but the Vanderbilt game will be tough. I worry about the team continuing to improve as the season progresses as depth increasingly becomes an issue. The youth will gain experience, and may well improve, but that improvement will not be reflected in any more wins given the schedule.

    I've said it before, but I really wish this year's team was playing last year's schedule. If UK can catch a team on a bad day then an upset could definitely happen. Several teams have theoretical vulnerabilities that could result in an upset (South Carolina and Louisville stand out to me). I also can't assume UK stays healthy the entire season. I think that's assuming too much.

    The 2015 season sets up well. There should be 9 starters returning on offense (and most key back-ups), 8 starters returning on defense (and all key back-ups), and 8 home games. That'll be the year to target a bowl game.

    Now it's your turn. What's your vote?