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Kentucky Wildcats vs. Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket - Big Blue Bahamas Game 5 Open Thread

Kentucky is 4-0 coming into this contest with Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket from the French ProA division.

Andy Lyons

Welcome to game # 5 of the Big Blue Bahamas Tour. Today, the Wildcats will take on Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket, the same team we played on Monday, and defeated by an 81-58 score. I expect Kentucky will once again prove too much for Chalons-Reims today, but CR did best the Dominican Republic the other day, so they can rise to the occasion and they are significantly more talented than the Puerto Rico National B-Squad.

Opponent: Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket
Location: Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium, Bahamas
Radio: UK/IMG Radio

Kentucky needs to clean up quite a few things defensively to have their best game today. Transition defense, like last year, seems to be Kentucky’s biggest problem, and I should point out that contrary to observations from last year, this seems to be a systemic problem and not one related to any lack of footspeed or athleticism of the Harrison twins. Transition defense looks no better with Tyler Ulis and Dominique Hawkins in than not.

The other thing I’d like to see improve is 3-point shooting, which has been very inconsistent, especially out of Devin Booker. Now, I’m not taking issue with Booker, he has taken only good shots and has just missed them. Not only that, he has worked very hard on both ends of the floor and is very much more advanced than I expected to find him.

Kentucky could also do with a few less turnovers. Yes, their TO% has been acceptable, but quite a few of the turnovers I’ve seen committed have been very much avoidable. I also want to see more production out of Aaron Harrison, who has been a little too quiet for my taste.

Go, ‘Cats!