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Kentucky Basketball: Big Blue Bahamas Game 2 - Preview and Open Game Thread

The last game was against lesser players for Puerto Rico. This game is against bona fide French professionals, many of whom came from the USA.

Jamie Squire

Welcome to Day 2 of the Big Blue Bahamas and our open game thread for the game today. Game 1 against the Puerto Rico National Team reserves was pretty much all Kentucky. Game 2 with Chalons-Reims. Here are your particulars:

Opponent: Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket
Location: Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium, Bahamas
Radio: UK/IMG Radio

This will be a much tougher game against a quality French team that has some very fine players. According to their website, the starting five are:

  • Lionel Chalmers (played at Xavier) PG 6‘1"
  • Michel Morandais (Draft Express page) SG 6‘5"
  • Darryl Watkins (played at Syracuse) C 6‘11"
  • Da’Sean Butler (played at West Virgina and was drafted by the Miami Heat) PF 6‘7"
  • Mark Payne (played at UC Davis) SF 6‘8"

As you can see, this is a much tougher team than PR reserves, and full of quality American basketball players. They also have some good players in reserve, and they deserve to be favored in this game by at least 5 points. These are men playing against boys, and men who have played tougher comp than any of this Kentucky bunch has faced.

So if you are able, sit back, enjoy the game, and post your observations below. We’ll have a postmortem following the game.