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2014 FIFA World Cup: USA vs. Germany Open Thread

Talk about the game in this thread if you are fortunate enough to be able to watch.

Clive Rose

Today at noon, the USA takes on Germany in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. If you haven't read Mister Williams' pre-game post, you should do so, even if you are already familiar with the situation as it stands. According to those familiar with it, this is a huge game for the USA, although America doesn't need to actually win the game as bad as it needs to keep the game withing a goal or so.

With a victory, the Americans (four points) would top the so-called Group of Death and play the Group H runner-up, probably Russia or Algeria, on Tuesday in Porto Alegre. With a draw, they would finish second to Germany (also four points but superior goal differential) and travel to Salvador likely to play Belgium.

A loss would complicate matters. If Ghana and Portugal (one point apiece) settle for a tie, the Americans advance. If there is a winner in that match, the United States hopes it’s Portugal, which would have to overcome a large deficit in the first tiebreaker: goal differential. The United States enters the final match day with a plus-one difference, while Ghana is minus-one and Portugal is minus-four.

If teams are even on points and goal differential, the next tiebreakers are goals scored and head to head. Entering Thursday, the United States has recorded four goals, Ghana three and Portugal two. In their earlier matches, the Americans defeated Ghana and tied Portugal.

Okay, so that's how it goes. Cheer for the USA if you are not working or are able to watch it and work. For me, that won't be possible, but I hope you enjoy the match if you're able to watch it.