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Kentucky Football Gets It Done In The Classroom

The football team is not only on course to turn around on the field, but is making progress in the classroom as well.


Comes now surprising news from the Kentucky football team. The pigskin Wildcats have produced the best semester GPA in Mitch Barnhart's 12-year tenure as Director of Athletics. From Kyle Tucker at the Louisville Courier-Journal:

Barnhart said in addition to a planned $40 million practice facility, in-progress $120 million stadium renovation and unprecedented recruiting success under Stoops and his staff, UK football's 2.813 grade-point average this spring was "by far and away the best semester academically they've had in football since I've been here," which he believes is symptomatic of a culture change.

I don't know about you, dear Big Blue Nation member, but this gives me a great deal of pride in what our football program is doing. Obviously, the next step has to be success on the field, and if that comes, I think we can all begin to feel like the ship is turning around. As of now, not many people think much of Kentucky's chances next season, and let's be honest — they have been given precious little reason for optimism despite improved recruiting.

Having said that, it's good to see that Stoops & Co. are overseeing an improvement in the classroom. Academics is arguably even more important for football than basketball, because at least at Kentucky, early NFL draft entry is a pretty rare thing, and in that situation, a diploma really means a lot more whether the player goes on to some pro ball or not.

A hearty "Well done!" to Coach Stoops and the football team. Very impressive work.