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Kentucky Football: Move-In Day

The Wildcats are moving into their rooms. A new football season is starting.

Well it's time, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, for the Kentucky Wildcats football team to move into their dorms and get ready for some FOOTBAWWW, y'all! Hey, every now and then I get excited about football just a little bit. Watching the young men move into their dorm room takes me back to my college days. Moving into the dorm, or the frat house, or whatever was a definite marker — it changed your thinking, and makes the new semester real.

Even though we've still got a couple of months before practice officially begins, you can bet these young guys are going to be hitting the weights and preparing their bodies as best they can for the hot, late-summer practice that looms a little over a month away.

Also, I would like to state that Matt Elam is a really, reallyl big guy. Really big. Denzel Ware is also a pretty big guy. I love the improvement in size that the coaching staff has been able to recruit, and I really hope some of the higher quality "Jimmys and Joes" show up on the field, and in the results.

Move in day, Big Blue Nation!