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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Cinco De Mayo Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Former UK golfer J.B. Holmes wins the Wells Fargo Championship. Craig Robinson fired at Oregon State. More.

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Bob Levey

Today is Cinco de Mayo. If it means something special to you, enjoy it. If not... enjoy it anyway!

Tweet of the Morning

In case you missed it.

A good idea.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Darren Durham at WBN says that Patrick Towles will be the starter. I agree with him, I think he has won the job. I understand that coaches Mark Stoops and Neal Brown want to keep their options open until fall, but I expect him to be named starter pretty quickly in August if he remains healthy and one of the other guys doesn't explode into contention. Both Reese Phillips and Drew Barker look like they need a year.

  • Recruit of the week: H-back Chandler Cox from Apopka, Florida. Apopka is a very good place to recruit — good players there.

  • Land Grant Holy Land talks Damien Harris:

    First off, I don't see him ending up at Michigan (though I do think they land Mike Weber). I know a lot of people think the Wolverines are the favorite to land him (again), but the fact is players almost never recommit to a school they decommitted from. Secondly, I don't see him at Kentucky either, even though they're the "hometown team". The Wildcats will need to perform well on the football field if they want to have any chance in this race and I just don't see that happening, especially against an SEC schedule.

    I'd love to have him, but presently, at least, I can't disagree.

  • Latest from Patrick Loney:

Kentucky basketball
  • Will Quentin Goodin get a UK offer?

  • Kentucky checked in on Rivals 4-star Derrick Jones, a 6'7" wing in the form of Kenny Payne. UK has already offered Payne, and they hope to visit UK this summer

  • Finally:

    John Calipari has no shot to get the job, just as he didn’t when Rex Chapman tweeted that Calipari was on his way to Laker-land with a "done deal" as Kentucky hit the court for the NCAA championship game against UConn. Calipari knows the Lakers have zero interest in him and that’s why he tweeted on Friday that he is not leaving the Wildcats.

    I'm not at all offended that the Lakers claim to have "no interest," nor would I be offended if they actually never had even a passing interest.

  • Consider:

    [John Calipari's new book] "Players First" is a straight talk, no-holds-barred, lay-it-on-the-line study of a man and his philosophy. Calipari has stirred up controversy from time to time. He doesn’t apologize for that. He is committed to developing young players into the best team and the best people they can be.

Other Kentucky sports

College football
  • Football legend Jim Brown blasts the NCAA. Well, that's the "in" thing to do, isn't it?

    "The NCAA is probably the most reprehensible organization God ever created.

    Jim, I'm pretty sure God didn't create the NCAA, man did. God would have done a much better job.

  • The five NCAA football coaching staffs with the highest salaries. I'm a little surprised that Alabama weighs in only 4th.

  • Bret Bilema welcomes the new NCAA rule allowing more coaching during the off-season:

    The Razorbacks plan to take advantage of an NCAA rule change that allows players to be required to participate in activities like weight training and conditioning during the summer program. Coaches now are permitted to be present for the eight hours of activities too, which can also include up to two hours of film review.

    Don't get used to it, Bret. If Northwestern wins their unionization effort, expect a lot of these kind of rules to go the way of the dodo.

College basketball
Other sports news
Other news
  • Louisville's Mangok Mathiang arrested post-Derby for a very silly offense. Essentially, he was arrested for being stupid, although come to think of it, that could cover most cases of arrest.

  • Comes now another patent troll, this one who besmirches my own last name. May he be force-fed haggis until his bowels clog.

    If you are looking for a good place to donate some tax-exempt money for good causes, including keeping bloggers like yours truly active on the Internet, you could do worse than the EFF.

  • If you're a bike rider, there's a new study in Lexington conducted by phone app that could help in the development of bike lanes and other bike-friendly areas around the city. As an avid bike rider myself, I wish they'd try that in Louisville, although Louisville, to it's credit, has done a fair job of producing bike lanes, especially out where I live. I use bike apps to calculate my miles, calories, and give me credit in my health plan. Very handy.